Call for stock content: Fall and our new normal

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By RF Jurjevics

Posted on 08-20-2020

So much about the fall season has to do with change – the colors of the leaves; the shift to colder weather; the ending of one year, and the beginning of another.

But we have also, of course, seen an acceleration in change of an entirely different sort. As our lives have moved indoors, we’ve been getting creative with our spaces, our routines, our means of human connection, and even our personal protective equipment (PPE). At the same time, many of us have been moved to further examine racial injustice, and what it takes to dismantle the systemic racism that fuels it.

Overall, our values have shifted drastically toward health and wellness, staying socially engaged while physically apart, and meeting the emotional needs of ourselves and others. Both our cultural and our visual landscape is now very different.

At Adobe Stock, we are committed to providing brands, agencies, and designers with the imagery they need to make their materials timely and accurate. The need for new, up-to-the-minute content remains constant. As we move into fall, and the scenes around us change once again, creatives are challenged with capturing a familiar season in this new world.

Here are a few takeaways to keep in mind when planning your shoots or sketching out your first drafts of fall-related content.

Fall and our “new normal”

Social distancing has meant rethinking the way we do even the most basic of things: how we purchase our groceries, take vacations with family, or move through our workout routines. Yet, all the hallmarks of fall are still on schedule, albeit not quite as usual - and they certainly look different. Back-to-school, for example, may not signal backpacks and family shopping trips this year, but kids – and their parents – are gearing up for virtual learning, or anticipating plans to re-enter the classroom with masks, handwashing stations, and no-contact activities.

Like the return to school, all the fall holidays are still on – with all the trimmings. Gatherings may be a bit smaller, or slightly reconfigured, but all the joy of choosing costumes, planning meals, and preparing for ritual celebrations has not dimmed. And it’s going to be delicious; food enthusiasts who have been honing their skills while indoors are ready to show them off!

As per usual, we are going to be getting ready for school, work, and fun - just with a new twist - and Adobe Stock’s top content is going to reflect that.

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Living local

The process of reopening, whether it’s schools, job sites, retail businesses, or civic activities, is going to vary from location to location. What remains a constant, however, is our drive to stay local, even as we come out of long periods spent mostly at home. Shopping from neighborhood vendors and mom-and-pop shops has taken on a new significance, as many of us are excited to return to our favorite cafes, restaurants, and retail shops as they open back up.

Travelers, too, are thinking locally as they opt for nearby cozy cabin stays, beautiful day hikes, and visiting new and fun destinations that are just a short ride away.

When planning out your visual work, whether that means dressing a set, picking a theme, or outlining an illustration, it is important to keep this in mind.

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Together, while apart

Dinner dates, therapy sessions, coffee catchups, support group meetings, game nights, and even casual work chitchat – all of it has gone online. Necessity truly is the mother of invention, as we have come up with some truly inspired ways to keep in touch, from TikTok dance parties to virtual tennis games to celebratory carpool parades.

The main takeaway, though, is that staying connected to one another is crucial to our overall health and wellbeing as we move through this tough time together. Imagery that reflects this in a socially responsible manner remains a top ask from top clients.

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