Adobe RoboHelp Server and FrameMaker Publishing Server (Summer 2020)

by Stefan Gentz

Posted on 09-08-2020

Available Now: The latest release of Tech Comm Tools Server products

This blog post was co-authored with Amitoj Singh, Product Manager for Adobe Technical Communication tools at Adobe.

We are delighted to announce the release of the latest versions of Adobe RoboHelp Server and Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server. Along with Adobe Technical Communication Suite (Summer Release 2020), these server products can extend the capabilities of Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe FrameMaker many folds.

Lets explore what’s new!

Adobe RoboHelp Server

Many times, once we have created customer-facing self-service content in the form of a knowledge base or online help, we want to know the impact of the content. RoboHelp Server makes it easy to do this. Simply host your content using RoboHelp Server and leverage the extensive in-built analytics available. Create customizable reports to start optimizing and maximizing the benefits for your organization.

The new RoboHelp Server is now based on HTML. Say goodbye, Flash!

As you log in, you would be greeted with a familiar interface as in older versions of RoboHelp Server, but with a new user experience that is simple to use. Reports have had a significant overhaul, with new reports being added and new graph types like bar charts and pie charts. Easily download the data of the reports or customize these before downloading them.

One of the customers’ requests has been the flexibility to allow the end-users to log in to the output content before accessing the same. We had provided simple and LDAP-based authentication over the last many releases. With the new RoboHelp Server v11.0, we are happy to share that you now have the flexibility to enable SSO (Single-sign on) using OKTA-based authentication. This helps with better security of your content as it may be used within or outside your organization.

There’s a lot more with the new RoboHelp Server. To get started, visit Adobe RoboHelp Server website to learn more about the new release. You can even download a fully functional free trial version here.

Also, you can request a free callback here.

Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server

Are you already leveraging the power of Adobe FrameMaker (Summer release of 2020)? Maybe in combination with a DITA CCMS (such as XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager)? And need to publish massive amounts of content on a pre-scheduled basis? Then you know that the flexibility to automate multi-channel publishing with remotely triggered publishing processes is paramount.

One of the core benefits of Adobe FrameMaker is the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) PDF Engine. Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server offers precisely that and puts full automation and scheduling on top of it.

Many authors want to automate publishing to PDF, Responsive HTML5, or other outputs formats. And they want to do that across FrameMaker documents, custom XML, or DITA content. Now, this is precisely where Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server comes into the game. FMPS provides a simple-to-use User Interface for that. Set up a publishing task, specific the schedule or frequency when the tasks need to run. Using a simple configuration as in the screenshot below, configure the required options for the task. You are all set for running these tasks.

Are you using a DITA CCMS or XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager? Or want to leverage the Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server API in your custom workflow? Use the in-app API documentation to get help with setting up the required workflow at your end. In the case of XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager, this comes pre-configured once you enable FrameMaker Publishing Server as an output type.

One of the significant enhancements with the new FrameMaker Publishing Server is the flexibility to enable vertical or horizontal scaling for running multiple parallel tasks on the server. To make this possible, we have re-architecture the server component. The good thing about that? You can now run multiple FrameMaker instances simultaneously! You can use the built-in APIs to configure the same or the configuration options in the setting files.

To get started, visit the Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server Website to know more about the new release of Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server. You can even download a fully functional free trial version here.

Also, you can request a free callback here.

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