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Adobe headquarters in San Jose, California.

By Adobe Life Team

Posted on 09-29-2020

Celia SunSince coming to Adobe Beijing in 2018, Celia Sun has learned a lot about the company’s software, the China market, and how to effectively fill her role as an anti-piracy program manager. She works with customers to ensure license compliance throughout the China market.

But what stands out to her most is the positive effect the Adobe culture is already having on her career and her personal happiness at work.

“Adobe is full of design and magic and has been a good company for me for my personal career development,” Sun says. “I truly love Adobe because I think my team, peers, and boss are very kind from the bottom of their hearts.”

When Sun started at Adobe, that kindness took the form of time — helping to ensure she knew the ropes and fully understood her role. They also focused on her career development from day one by helping her chart a path for the future.

“They talk with us quarterly about our goals and the future development of our careers,” Sun says. “That’s just the Adobe culture — they want to give chances for internal people to be promoted to new roles. If you show that you’re prepared for and interested in more challenges, your manager will give you a chance for more responsibilities.”

She says her managers at Adobe have given her the ideal examples of how to lead.

“Leadership at Adobe is kind but it’s also more,” Sun says. “They are flexible and creative, and my managers always give me clear direction and empower me to grow. That’s what I’m working to help others do, too.”

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