Get cooking with Adobe Scan and Acrobat

Workflow to digitize recipes with Adobe Scan

The kitchen is the heart of most homes, where the entire family comes together to reconnect and share a delicious meal each day. But as parents know, the kitchen is also one of the most difficult spaces to keep clean and organized. We all have a cabinet overflowing with mismatched to-go containers and a drawer stuffed full of rubber bands and loose, magazine-clipped recipes. Is there anything more frustrating than planning to make one of your family’s favorite meals, only to realize that the recipe has gone missing from that chaotic drawer?

Tame kitchen chaos with Adobe

If you’ve lived this domestic nightmare, then it’s time to bring your recipe drawer into the 21st century with the free Adobe Scan app. Using this simple and intuitive document scanning app, you can transform that pile of recipe clippings into a streamlined, organized, and searchable digital recipe book.

To get started, simply download the Adobe Scan app to your iPhone or Android smartphone. Then scan your recipes into PDFs in a snap. If you already have a digital recipe collection but it’s in an inconvenient file format, try the free Adobe Acrobat PDF conversion tool to convert images to PDF or Word to PDF in seconds.

Adobe Scan and Acrobat store your PDFs in Adobe Document Cloud, where you can easily access, organize, and search your digital recipes in one place. You can even create folders for specific ingredients, courses, seasons, or events to quickly find the recipe you’re seeking.

Share the joy of cooking with family and friends

Acrobat can also help you share the joy of cooking with your family and friends in new ways. Have young children write or draw their favorite foods and meals, or have older children research a recipe they’d like to make. Then turn these into PDFs, and upload them to your family’s digital recipe folder. While we continue to practice social distancing, you can also use Acrobat to send favorite PDF recipes to distant friends or family.

As more and more of our lives and world go digital, there’s no reason for your recipe book to get left behind. With Acrobat PDF tools, you can store, organize, search, and share all of your recipes easily and efficiently from one online platform.

Acrobat can also simplify your life outside the kitchen. If you could benefit from some help managing other documents as well, sign up for a free Acrobat trial for seven days. With Acrobat, you can edit PDFs, combine files into one PDF, organize pages, and much more. Give it a try today to discover the full power of PDF.