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Posted on 10-15-2020

Imagination. It’s quite possibly one of the most unique human abilities. Imagination allows us to explore abstract ideas. To captivate that, MSI’s Content Creation laptops were created for expressing those ideas. From graphic design and video editing to 3D modeling and rendering, MSI’s laptops are there to bring creativity to reality.

Chapter 1: Editing the video everywhere you go — Cinecom Jordy Vandeput x Creator 15

Jordy Vandeput, best known as the host of Cinecom, teaches video editing and filmmaking through video tutorials. Normally, 8K video footage editing has required a desktop computer, but for on-the-go creators like Jordy, he needs a portable “laptop” with premium specs and right features.

In an interview, Jordy mentioned, “The MSI Creator 15 has been my go-to laptop whenever I need to edit a video project outside of the studio. The powerful hardware and dedicated GPU give me the ability to even edit my RED RAW footage on the go.”

The Creator 15 weighs only 4.63 pounds, is 0.72 inches thin, and packs a RTX 2080 Super with an Intel Core 8-core processor. Of course, the 4K TruePixel display and UHD resolution panel calibrated with True Color and 100% AdobeRGB wide color with Delta-E offer one of the best user experiences for color accuracy. MSI’s exclusive Creator Center optimizes the software based on a user’s preference. MSI Creator 15 even allows you to prioritize programs like Adobe Premiere Pro for the best performance results.

MSI creator 15 laptop

Chapter 2: Sketch up ‘The Dark Fairy Tale’ — Voodoo Val x Creator 17

Have you ever dreamed of a vampire? What’s the image of a vampire in your mind? Is it the charming and fearless one in “Twilight” or the funny and humorous vampire family in “Hotel Transylvania”? Whatever it is, Voodoo Val makes all your vampire fantasies a reality with her creative pieces of art. To take advantage of her creative imagination, Val uses the latest MSI Creator 17 laptop which features with the world’s first MiniLED display and Intel i7 8-core processor and NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super graphics card.

“Using MSI’s laptop gives me peace of mind and helps me create a comfortable workspace. It’s capable of running all the software I need, so I never feel like I don’t have all my creative tools. It’s like a whole studio all in one small package!” Val said.

The designer can experience smooth and interactive panning and zooming regardless of graphic complexity in Adobe Illustrator. The MiniLED makes the contrast of brightness and darkness clear and easy to see so that you can see every detail in the sketch and color that stands out in her works.

The Dungeon Mysterium displayed on computer monitors.

Chapter 3: Modeling up the architectural world — Joseph Kim x WS66

Professionals like architectural designers or engineers need to carry around their work to showcase the process of their tasks or conduct quick model changes while discussing with clients. In the moment, a reliable, powerful, and lightweight laptop is a must.

“I had to be sure that the laptop handles complex 3D models as I will be needing to not only model but use the laptop to do live presentations. I loaded the most complex 3D model onto WS66 and it was able to handle it without any problem” said Joseph Kim, a professional architectural designer and technology enthusiast.

MSI’s WS66 is armed with an Intel Core i9 processor and Quadro RTX5000, which lets creators view designs and environments in photorealistic detail with RTX-accelerated ray tracing and virtual reality. To show the creativity easily with clients or colleagues, WS66 equipped with touchscreen and flip-n-share function.

Man with the word "Revit" overlaid.

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