Adobe InDesign online copy editing — coming 2021

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Just like design, writing is also an iterative process, and it often takes many revisions to get it right. Achieving the perfect balance between graphics and text means rounds of back and forth between designers and writers, using multiple tools. This collaboration process can be challenging and time-consuming. We need tools to help us work together in a simpler and more efficient manner.

InDesign is a powerful layout design tool, especially for multi-page, text-heavy documents, and now, we’re bringing online editing capabilities to InDesign. We’re rolling out many enhancements, but here are three key features we are working on (currently in beta) that are sure to make your editing workflows even smoother.

Share documents online from InDesign

Designers will be able to securely share documents online with copywriters and editors, directly from InDesign. This eliminates the need to export files to PDFs and share them via email.

Edit text in your InDesign files right in the web browser

Recipients will be able to make edits to text via their web browsers and preview what they would look like in the context of the layout. The text edits will sync with the original InDesign files automatically. This means writers don’t have to download the files, mark them up in the PDF or print them out, scan them and email them back to designers. Since the copy edits will flow directly back into InDesign files automatically, designers can stay focused on their design workflow, eliminating the need to compile feedback from different files or channels, type them out, copy/paste or reflow text again and again.

Control access and editing permissions of your InDesign files

Designers will also have control over which sections of their InDesign files collaborators are able to edit. Editors can edit the texts, but not the graphic design elements. Designers can put their mind at ease that no matter how many people are editing the file together, the layout will stay just the way they want it.

These new copy-editing features are just the beginning. Your feedback will help us decide where we take InDesign online copy editing next, and we’re excited to build the product with you!

Join our InDesign copy editing beta program.

In addition to joining the beta program, there are other ways for you to be involved in this journey: