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By Creative Cloud Communications team

Posted 10-20-2020

With digital content consumption at an all-time high, the need to create engaging high-quality content fast has never been more important.

At Adobe, we know you use a variety of hardware, software, services, and platforms to create and manage your content. That is why we have collaborated with leading hardware and software companies to make our products and platform available and work the way you want.

Today, as we kick off Adobe MAX 2020, we’re thrilled to showcase some of the many new developments across our partner ecosystem that make content creation simpler and more accessible to all.

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Extending creativity and productivity to all

HP designs and builds powerful PCs and workstations for creatives, from enthusiasts to pros. Today, Adobe and HP are expanding our relationship to provide HP customers in participating countries around the world with a 1-month free trial of Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud apps, selected specifically for their new HP device – to jumpstart their creation of stunning photos, videos, graphics, webpages, PDFs, and more.

Helping students and educators easily engage in creativity

We are launching a new integration of Creative Cloud with Blackboard Learn, a leading learning management system (LMS) platform for higher education and K-12. Earlier this year, Adobe announced a similar partnership with Canvas, a leading LMS platform used in higher education and K12. Together, these partnerships give millions of students and educators access to their creative tools and projects more quickly and easily than ever, right inside the LMS they use every day.

New AI-powered Photoshop feature

We’d like to thank NVIDIA for their collaboration and partnership on Neural Filters, a new workspace inside Photoshop that introduces new non-destructive filters to help you explore creative ideas in seconds. This new feature is now available to all Photoshop 22.0 customers on all devices, but the performance is particularly fast on desktops and notebooks with graphics acceleration.

Adobe Photoshop

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Next-level video editing with royalty-free audio

Adobe Premiere Rush now has hundreds of new in-app audio options available, thanks to our new partnership with Splice. With a curated library of royalty-free soundtracks, sound effects, and loops, it’s never been easier to level-up your #MadeWithRush videos.

Premiere Rush

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New Photoshop plugins

We’re excited to announce the availability of more high-performing and easier to find Photoshop plugins built on our modern extensibility platform. With over 20 plugins built on this new framework, you’ll find plugins that connect Photoshop to your favorite apps, like Dropbox, Monday.com, Slack, Trello, Hive, and Xero, and more coming soon, like Google Drive and others. You’ll have access to Photoshop classics like Pixelsquid and Avenza and powerful tools that supercharge your Photoshop workflows like Pro Add-Ons, and Picture Instruments.

Creative Cloud Libraries API

Creatives and their stakeholders need access to the elements of their creative system wherever they work. Today, the Creative Cloud Libraries API is now available for third-party integration to connect Creative Cloud Libraries to your favorite tools. From Adobe’s tight collaboration with innovators like Google, we’re enabling our users with quick access and use of their brand colors, character styles, and graphics in Google Docs and Slides in Google Workplace, or in Ludus presentations. You can even apply them to AR experiences in Camera IQ or use elements from Libraries when brainstorming in MURAL workspaces. Frontify, CI Hub, and Contentserv integrations also connect Libraries to your favorite digital asset and brand management systems. Integrations to even more of your favorite tools are coming soon, like Tiled micro-apps and many more.

Continued growth in the XD ecosystem

The Adobe XD ecosystem continues to grow with over 250 plugins. New plugins connect XD to popular testing platforms like UserZoom and Maze, and tools that help users manage tasks and stay connected to their teams without ever leaving XD, like Wrike and Zoom, with Microsoft Teams and others coming soon. The Adobe XD extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code also lets developers work with design systems without ever leaving their editor.

Adobe XD

Create and share designs for websites, mobile apps, voice interfaces, games, and more.

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As the world we work, live, and play in continues to change, our need to rapidly innovate and help customers meet those demands continues to grow. Our work with partners is an integral part of Adobe’s vision to reach and meet the needs of consumers everywhere. If you’re interested in learning more about Adobe’s global partner program, visit https://www.adobe.com/partners.html.

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