What’s new in the creative community

This year has shown what a critical role creativity plays in our lives. It helps us connect with each other – even remotely – and it’s our goal at Adobe to bring the worldwide creative community together. That’s why we’re putting an increased focus on the community aspect of our tools and services to help you connect and collaborate, learn from each other, and expand your skills.

Let’s take a look at key improvements in Behance, see how our livestreaming community is growing, introduce the Lightroom community for photographers, and walk you through enhancements to Adobe Portfolio – now free for 2020 college graduates.

New Behance features help you find even more inspiration

The Behance community of over 24 million creatives around the world is more active than ever. Creatives are seeing record-breaking traffic to their portfolios, and the latest enhancements make it even easier to find the inspiration you’re looking for.

Search by similar image style
We’re introducing a new form of visual search that helps you find, and be inspired by, content that matches a given artistic style. The “Similar style” button, available on any image asset on Behance, enables you to search hundreds of millions of images across Behance to find images that look and feel the same with just one click.

Suggested tags
Suggested tags offer another great way to help you find more relevant content. If you search for “landscapes,” for example, Behance will suggest modifier terms like “travel,” “sunset,” or “architecture,” which will help you drill down and find the work you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Moodboard recommendations
We’ve now brought our recommendation engine to Search, the “For You” feed, and, most recently, our Moodboard feature.

We analyze the name and content of your Moodboard to suggest projects we think you’ll love – letting you create a full Moodboard in just a few clicks.

Deeper Creative Cloud integration
Behance now integrates even further with the Adobe Creative Cloud tools you love. We’ve now made it possible to publish from Adobe Aero to Behance seamlessly. You can also open augmented reality experiences created with Aero right from Behance, so you can share your immersive and interactive augmented reality (AR) projects with our community. Discovering artists and projects directly in Photoshop for iPad and Illustrator for iPad makes it easier than ever to find content created with these tools.

Adobe Live expands with hosted streams

This year you will be able to take in Adobe MAX right on Adobe Live, all for free! Stay up to date with Adobe Live for tons of in-depth sessions and product reveals, including the keynote and sneaks of future products, all featured on www.behance.net/adobelive (or in the Creative Cloud mobile app).

Over the past few quarters, views on Adobe Live – Adobe’s produced livestreams designed to help the community learn from creative professionals – doubled, and we extended coverage to include local artists in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Australia. Beyond showcasing leading professionals on Adobe Live, we’re also hosting some of our most active community members to help give them a platform to share their creative passions and build their own livestream audiences.

We’ve also recently updated the Live experience on Behance with a “What’s New” row that makes it easier to see all streamers who are currently live beyond Adobe Live, while making your own livestreams more discoverable by the entire Behance community.

Introducing the Lightroom community

We’re also thrilled to announce the official launch of the Lightroom community on Lightroom desktop and mobile – a destination within Lightroom where users can connect, inspire, and learn from other photographers.

Head to the Discover tab in Lightroom to deepen your photography skills. There you can share the unique editing process behind your photos, view step-by-step interactive edits of stunning images, download free presets, and follow photographers whose style you like in your feed.

Adobe Portfolio – free for 2020 graduates

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to create your first (or third!) portfolio website on your own custom domain on Adobe Portfolio, free with your Creative Cloud subscription.

We know it’s a tough year to be a recent college graduate, so we’re giving all 2020 college graduates one year of Adobe Portfolio for free! If you’re a graduate, you can build your own portfolio site to share your personal brand, showcase your creative work, and land your next opportunity.

Stay inspired with our global creative community

It’s crucial you have access to sources of inspiration and collaborative tools, right at your fingertips. This is especially the case when you’re working from home, so you can continue creating and sharing incredible work. The latest enhancements across Behance, Adobe Live, Lightroom, and Adobe Portfolio empower you to do so.

Whether you want more inspiration tailored to your needs, want to learn from other creatives’ livestreams and watch educational content, want to connect with photographers and find out more about their editing choices, or want to get inspired by design portfolios – we’re bringing the global creative community together.