Katy Goodrich on digital transformation and leading social change

Customer success director Katy Goodrich.

By Adobe Life Team

Posted on 10-30-2020

When a financial services company is ready to take on its digital transformation, Katy Goodrich is there to guide them through it. As a customer success director in the Adobe London office, Goodrich has an insider’s view on what consumers want and how companies can exceed those expectations.

“We’re living in a time of rapidly changing customer needs, and there are multiple disruptors in financial services right now,” she explains. “When a company really gets the seamless experience right, it can have a real impact on your day. Many of us know that feeling when you’re applying for a mortgage, online shopping, or planning travel. A big part of my job is understanding that journey.”

And with COVID-19, digital experiences are more important than ever. “The people who might have gone into their bank’s branches before COVID-19 are now banking from home. Now, more than ever, financial services companies need to build digital experiences that appeal to wider audiences,” Goodrich says.

The path to customer success

Goodrich didn’t have customer success on her radar when she got her undergraduate degree in economics and public policy, spent an internship with Yahoo!, did research for the UN, and got a master’s degree in international political economy at the London School of Economics. But with all of those achievements under her belt, and finding herself an American loving life in London, she jumped into a leadership program with Apple in the UK and then joined the tech startup world.

Then an Adobe recruiter for the London office reached out to her—and the rest is history. “When I got the message, I thought about an Adobe breakfast I attended as a partner. The speakers were so authentic and at the time I thought, ‘What an amazing place to work.’ I’m so grateful to be here now, and I still feel that way today!”

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Goodrich’s work has won her some high praise. Just this past September, she was recognized on the Yahoo! List of Top 100 Female Future Leaders in 2020 and she’s just been shortlisted for WeAreTechWomen’s TechWomen100. Both awards celebrate her work guiding customers through their digital transformations and all she does for her community and women in technology.

Empowering women in tech and leading social change

Beyond her CSM role, Goodrich is a force for social change at Adobe—and beyond—as co-lead of the Women at Adobe London Employee Network and lead on the social impact team. Her dedication to equality comes from her personal experiences: “I studied economics and then worked in tech. They’re both very male dominated fields—so I saw these places where women aren’t, and I knew I wanted to help change that.”

Empowering women in our communities is more relevant than ever right now. “This pandemic has demonstrated how easily progress in gender equality can backtrack during times of economic upheaval,” says Goodrich. Worldwide, women have been more likely to be laid off or furloughed, and many are considering a leave of absence or leaving the workforce.

“If our network can be even a small part of upskilling and providing a more empathetic workplace to foster a sense of community and a safe space, then it’s worth it.”

Goodrich is also a lead on Adobe’s social impact team, where she helps employees use their talents, and Adobe’s resources, for the greater good. She launched one of her favorite projects two years ago—the Creative Business Jam. Working with TERN (The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network) and Hatch (an organization that helps early-stage entrepreneurs) she helped match employees with entrepreneurs so they could tackle business problems and work together on creative solutions.

“The Creative Business Jam helps us practice what we really believe in—that small businesses are society’s backbone. We’re helping to support them through Adobe’s work to foster creativity for all.” Two years in, the program is still thriving and Goodrich’s dedication to her customers is as strong as ever.

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