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By Elissa Scott

Posted on 11-06-2020

Did you catch the creativity workshops at Adobe MAX this year? With over 460 sessions, you could spend days watching to build your skills and stay inspired. But we wanted to ensure you didn’t miss this batch of fan favorites – covering everything from how to work a letterpress to building your own NASA model from origami.

Adobe MAX – October 26-28, 2021

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Creativity workshops are always one of the highlights of the MAX experience, helping you step away from the screen to explore and play in an analogue style. Most of these are on the shorter side of 15-30 minutes and organized into series. Take a break and stretch your creative muscles with the following:

Hands of someone brush lettering.

Hands-on brush lettering

Join MAX Masters Laura Worthington and Debi Sementelli in this workshop for beginners and those looking for a refresher. Get started with an overview of tools and materials used for brush lettering and suggestions for additional supplies you can use to experiment on your own. But even if you only have a pencil and lined paper, you can join in. And since lettering is as much a physical art form as it is visual, Debi and Laura will discuss posture and body mechanics to set you up for success.

  1. Getting Started
  2. The Alphabet
  3. Making it Expressive
  4. From Paper to Screen

Man running letterpress.

Learn how to run and print on a letterpress

Join Nick Sambrato, founder of Mama’s Sauce, an award-winning letterpress and screen printing studio, in this workshop for beginners and fans of letterpress. We’ll begin with an overview of a vintage C&P press to get you familiar with its different parts and their functions, as well as the materials needed. You’ll discover what to consider when choosing paper and the importance of planning for each piece of art, as each design has its unique printing requirements.

  1. Overview & Materials
  2. Setting up and Printing Color 1
  3. Setting up and Printing Color 2

Image of man, cartoon of man

Effective character design

Join celebrated character designer, teacher, and MAX Master Stephen Silver and discover how to create appealing, energetic characters and get effective ideas to push you — and your characters — to the next level.. All you need is pencil and paper.

  1. Introduction to Unconscious Doodling
  2. Shapes & Structure
  3. Story, Gesture, Design and Details
  4. Designing from Start to Finish

Cutout of hand in cardboard

Kelli Anderson workshops

There’s no one quite like artist, designer, animator, and tinkerer Kelli Anderson; her mind never fails to amaze. Don’t miss her hands-on workshops covering everything from Zine creation to origami to building mechanical protest signs and discover how you can push the limits of ordinary materials.

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