New integrations with Adobe Experience Platform expand real-time customer profiles

By Ronell Hugh

Posted on 11-06-2020

In these unprecedented times, delivering positive customer experience has never been more critical. But, customer experience doesn’t stop the moment a transaction is complete. Whether navigating holiday cancellations, insurance claims or grocery deliveries, the acceleration of the digital economy is resulting in an ever-increasing number of engagements between customers and brands post-purchase.

Last year, we introduced Adobe Experience Platform, the industry’s first enterprise platform that allows brands to stitch together data from across the company in order to deliver digital experiences, in real time and at scale. Today, thanks to new partnerships with brands including Genesys, ICF Next, Medallia, Merkle®, and SundaySky, post-transactional customer experience intelligence can be integrated into Adobe Experience Platform.

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Advancements through the partnerships include:

In today’s challenging environment, brands struggle with mountains of customer data, stored across different, disjointed systems, making it difficult for them to truly understand and respond to the customer’s interests and needs. As a broad range of issues can impact customer service queries, brand response, loyalty and interactions, brands need to be better positioned to respond to challenges both pre- and post-sale and then use the intelligence from those interactions to inform future engagements.

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