AvantForm brings new conceptual, high-tech CGI imagery to Adobe Stock Premium

Image credit: Adobe Stock/Raw & Rendered/AvantForm.

by Irene Malatesta

Posted on 11-12-2020

At this year’s Adobe MAX, we revealed a new partnership with AvantForm, a leading community platform for world-renowned digital creators. Now, we’re thrilled to announce this stunning content is available on Adobe Stock.

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Our new Premium illustration collection explores conceptual abstractions of technology and society, rendered by influential CGI artists including AvantForm co-founder and motion designer Joey Camacho (also known as Raw & Rendered ) and 3D artist Peter Tarka.

Image credit: Adobe Stock/Fvckrender/AvantForm.

“At Adobe, we’re guided by our drive to innovate and expand creativity, and we recognize that same desire in the team at AvantForm,” says Sarah Casillas, creative director, Adobe Stock. “This partnership between Adobe Stock and AvantForm is a natural one: Both share a company ethos around technology and design, and both are platforms designed by and for creatives. We’re delighted to collaborate on this exciting new addition to the Adobe Stock Premium collection.”

The new AvantForm imagery includes sculptural images, immersive backgrounds, and conceptual abstractions of light, shadow, and texture with a high-tech sheen. The artists included in the collection work at the intersection of futuristic aesthetics and design using creative software.

“Adobe Stock aims to elevate new ideas,” says Casillas. “AvantForm has assembled an outstanding portfolio of industry-leading digital artists. Their work with globally renowned brands helps align the subjects of their work to the needs of the industry.”

“Our collection and platform are deeply rooted in technology,” says Camacho. “Artists are taking advantage of rapid advances in 3D rendering and the innovations in mobile creative software and hardware. We work with all sorts of tech based around computer vision and machine learning.”

Image credit: Adobe Stock/Luke & Morgan Choice/AvantForm.

Abstract stock illustrations from global artists, for global enterprises

In today’s world, digital stories are getting more complicated and conceptual. To stay relevant, creators regularly need to visually express ideas that are beyond the realm of photography. This year, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in demand for highly creative, abstract work that can be created remotely, without models or location shoots. Premium CGI and professional digital artists are leveraging new imaging software tools and creating content that perfectly fulfills these needs, while pushing aesthetic boundaries.

The content for Adobe Stock has been hand-curated with an eye toward illustrative uses for the needs of Enterprise business, technology, and global brand campaigns. AvantForm has proven success in these areas and has built a world-class artist community skilled at creating for global brands.

Image credit: Adobe Stock/Philip Lueck/AvantForm.

The collection explores technology and futuristic themes while celebrating the diverse personalities and styles of its creators. Today, the AvantForm community includes over 100 digital creators from all over North and South America, Europe, Russia, India, Australia, and Japan. The new collection on Adobe Stock will offer 200 Premium assets from 23 global AvantForm creators.

“The qualities we look for when working with creators are consistency, quality, and authenticity,” says Camacho. “Our entire AF community possesses those qualities, meaning each artist included in this Adobe Stock collection also upholds those characteristics. The differences lie largely in their styles. You’ve got Omar Aqil’s playful abstracts, to Ryan Hawthorne’s sci-fi themes … from Peter Tarka’s surreal environments to Aeforia’s emotional pieces. Each artist’s authenticity is what differentiates from each other. Even though they may be using similar software, tools, and resources, it’s their imagination and creativity that makes them stand apart.”

Check out the new stock illustrations from AvantForm in the Adobe Stock Premium collection.

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