Adobe and NVIDIA team up to deliver revolutionary AI-powered neural filters

3D artists and video editors have long used real-time artificial intelligence (AI) features to improve their work and speed up how they turn inspiration into finished art. Now, those benefits are extending to Adobe Photoshop users with the introduction of GPU-accelerated neural filters.

During the first-ever virtual Adobe MAX, creators from all around the world learned how to take full advantage of these AI-powered tools, leveraging NVIDIA RTX GPUs with Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

AI-powered neural filters in Adobe Photoshop

Neural filters are a new feature set for artists to try AI-powered tools that let them explore creative ideas and make amazing, complex adjustments to images in just seconds. Done manually, these adjustments would take artists hours of tedious work. AI allows artists to make these changes almost instantaneously.

With Smart Portrait neural filters, artists can easily experiment with facial characteristics such as gaze direction and lighting angles, simply by dragging a slider.

New Adobe Smart Portrait Neural Filter powered by AI

While these AI filters are incredibly powerful, skilled artists still retain flexibility and full editing control, removing hours’ worth of tedious adjustments and saving valuable time.

The enthusiasm and excitement shown by the creative world has been extraordinary. This is just the beginning as NVIDIA and Adobe will continue to collaborate on exciting new AI-powered neural filters.

Faster editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

With the latest release of Adobe Premiere Pro, video decode is now offloaded to NVIDIA’s dedicated GPU decoder, resulting in smoother video playback and sharper responsiveness, especially scrubbing ultra-high resolution and multi-stream footage.

Decode joins several recent GPU-accelerated features like fast encoding alongside AI-powered Auto Reframe and Scene Detection, evolving the entire video editing process for faster, more intuitive creation.

FASTER exports with NVIDIA GPU Accelerated Hardware Encoding in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Elements now GPU-accelerated

Adobe Premiere Elements, offering easy-to-use movie making with smart editing and step-by-step guides, is now GPU-accelerated.

This enables faster playback of video effects and transitions without pre-rendering. Actions with typical, frustrating delays are now instant across all NVIDIA GPUs including cropping, animated overplays, lens flares, and real-time playback.

Make the impossible possible with Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects, the industry-standard for motion graphics and visual effects, gets even better for GPU owners with Adobe Sensei powering the new RotoBrush 2 feature, allowing artists to apply amazing green screen effects on the fly.

Imagine, with a few keystrokes or swipe of the mouse, being able to quickly separate a subject from the rest of the video environment, then naturally blending motion graphics like moving 3D objects or flowing text in front and behind a moving subject, expanding editor capabilities by saving hours of wasted time manually editing.

Adobe MAX Studio Session rewind

In case you missed it, our NVIDIA Studio Session brought together graphic artists, video editors, motion graphics professionals, Photoshop experts, concept artists, and other creators, providing valuable tips on improving creations with more precision, clarity, and quality. All while letting AI handle work under the hood.

Luckily, you can watch a replay here!

Working Smarter: Tapping into the Power of AI to Boost Creativity

Adobe MAX also featured two additional NVIDIA Studio tutorials.

For those artists looking to transition from 2D to 3D, don’t be intimidated. Let NVIDIA expert Uriel Gionedis walk you through tips and tricks, learning 3D techniques to achieve beautiful, photorealistic results using RTX technology and GPU-accelerated features.

Getting started with 3D for 2D artists in Adobe Dimension

For creators looking to reduce, possibly eliminate mundane video editing tasks, see how NVIDIA’s Nick Csongor uses AI tools to automatically splice footage, jump start visual effects, and auto frame subjects. Accelerate your video editing workflows with NVIDIA RTX GPUs and deliver faster in 4K, 6K, even 8K footage.

Supercharge Your Video Editing with Adobe and NVIDIA RTX

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