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Posted on 11-25-2020

Pinterest has always been a place for ideas. A place to get inspired by ideas—ideas for food, beauty, style, home and so much more. This past summer, we made some changes to our platform to support the brilliant people behind those ideas. We’re building a better Pinterest for creators like you.

That starts with making it easier for creators to share ideas—directly on Pinterest. It’s also about making it easier to get discovered and build an audience on the platform. You’ll notice updates to the platform that make it possible for anyone (including full-time creators, hobbyists and publishers) to share ideas.

Here’s how Pinterest is changing to support creators:

New creator products

In September, we introduced a suite of creator features. They included products for sharing ideas, like Story Pins, ways to build your Pinterest presence, like a new creator profile, and analytics tools to track performance. These new publishing and measurement tools make it easier to reach people looking for your ideas.

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Sharing the full story

Story Pins are a whole new canvas for creating. They’re dynamic and playful. You can capture videos straight on your phone, add voice overs, images and text. Then you can publish it right away. So many creators today post natively on different apps. We wanted to make it easier for them to create on Pinterest—without needing a personal website or blog.

To encourage this, you can share your ideas using your phone’s camera, an entirely new way to think about creating on Pinterest. Multiple pages let creators share the full picture, which Pinners love, too. What also gets us excited is that Story Pins last. Because millions of people come to Pinterest to discover ideas, we thought Story Pins should stick around longer than 24 hours. It helps creators build wider audiences—a win-win.

The stage is yours

Now when you visit a creator’s profile, the first thing you see is the content they created. Creators’ ideas should be front and center, not just their curated ones. Pinners can now send messages via the Contact or Message card. Building a community around your ideas is important, and this helps creators do that.

There are extra ways to hear from your audience now. Pinners can respond to Story Pins with reactions like, “Great idea,” “Love,” “Wow,” and “Thanks.” These provide dynamic and real-time feedback. Reactions are lightweight, designed to capture how people feel when they’re inspired.

See a Pin take off

Reactions are one form of engagement, but there are plenty more. Pinners can talk about their thoughts or ask questions in the comments. They can also add a photo if they tried the idea themselves. In addition to seeing boards the Pin was saved to, these signals send a message: Your idea deserves more than a double-tap.

Data and insights you can use

Insights and data are essential for creators. They help you understand what’s working. We built more ways for creators to know what content is performing well on Pinterest. Information on rising searches will also help creators spot what’s taking off and jump on a trend early.

To stay on top of performance, we’re launching new analytics tools and an engagement tab. With the engagement tab, creators can quickly respond to comments or tries on Pins in one place. This two-way conversation is valuable, so we made it easier for creators to connect with their audience in one place.

On a granular level, Pin Stats show top metrics like impressions and engagement for an individual Pin. Finally, the redesigned Analytics dashboard shows a detailed view of how content is performing on Pinterest.

Sharing this with the world

When you make something on Pinterest, you inspire people. You also inspire them to make and take action. We took this truth and built a new campaign around it called “Make the world make.” We’ve invited creators to share ideas on Pinterest, where they’ll have a life beyond likes and double-taps. They’ll get saved, tried and remixed.

We featured real Pinterest creators in the film including: Drag artist and supermodel Miss Fame; Maurice Harris, who creates stunning floral installations that honor Black art; rising-star chef Daniela Soto-Innes, who challenges traditional Mexican food; perceptions and the iconic celebrity stylist, June Ambrose. Their work and presence in the campaign inspire us.

Bringing it home

A top priority for our company is inclusivity. Pinterest is continually working to make the platform more inclusive for all. We’re also committed to amplifying underrepresented voices. This year, we introduced new tools around beauty searches so people can select a skin tone range they’d like to see. Pinners want to see themselves represented in those ideas. Also, creators and businesses can self-identify as an underrepresented group. In doing this, they can become eligible for editorial initiatives across multiple surfaces such as Shopping Spotlights, the Pinterest Shop and Today Tab.

Landing the finish

To bring these new updates to life, we launched one last twist on our campaign. We called it, “Make the world see.” It’s an emphasis on beauty and brings underrepresented creator voices to the forefront. We invited creators like Cas Jerome, Edward Zo and Lauren Elyse to join us. They were featured in the campaign creative and shared their makeup and beauty ideas through Story Pins on Pinterest.

What’s next

Over the past few years, we’ve seen creators and brands partner together. These collaborations and sponsorships are essential. Moving forward, making these easier will be top of mind for us. We’ll continue working on ways to support creators in these ways.

What’s top of mind today is making it easy for creators to build an audience and engagement on Pinterest. We’ve launched Story Pins with select creators in the U.S. and will continue rolling out access and improvements. All other features are live for creators with business accounts today. Creators interested in learning more about Story Pins and creator tools can request access here.

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