3D & AR watchlist: 8 fan favorites from Adobe MAX 2020

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By Sebastian Shaw

Posted on 12-01-2020

Adobe MAX 2020 established 3D as a mainstream design discipline for creative professionals. From practical how-to sessions and labs with 3D experts, to thought leadership discussions with industry leaders, 3D innovation and its impact on established design disciplines represented a step forward in the democratization of 3D. No longer a niche technology for innately complex tasks, Adobe’s 3D portfolio was a force of inspiration throughout the conference.

Take a moment to dip into content below. We have gathered a smorgasbord of sessions, demos, and labs to both inform and inspire you. Get practical and thought-provoking insights from these experts:

This year’s Creativity Conference was virtual and free, which gave fans around the world a front row seat to the latest announcements, features, and innovations transforming the way we think of design. Whether you were there live or just catching up now, I recommend you add these sessions, demos and labs to your watchlist.

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The chill way to create Ben & Jerry’s pints

Virtual photography is fast emerging as a viable way to spin up assets in no time. Hear firsthand from Gail Cummings, global digital design lead, about her journey, adopting new ways of creating and driving what she does best — producing irresistible content at scale to feed marketing channels for over 100 flavors and in 38 countries.

In this session, Gail will share with you:

Reimagining retail design for the world’s most famous doll, Barbie

Mattel’s Barbie is a 60-year-old brand that continues to innovate year after year to appeal to the changing retail marketplace. Learn how the Barbie packaging team has adopted some of the most advanced design processes to elevate the quality of their work, drive brand consistency, and streamline creative-to-marketer workflows, while significantly reducing costs.

In this session, Sal Velazquez, staff packaging designer for the Barbie team, will:

Don’t just get your feet wet, dive into 3D

Adobe’s own Jeanette Matthews, Dimension product manager and MAX Master, had an overflowing response to her sessions — featuring one and a half hours of content split into three 30-minute sessions. Whether you’re a freelance designer or part of a team, you can learn how to use 3D to create product mockups, brand visualizations, packaging designs, and more. Master the basics of Adobe Dimension in this follow-along lab that’s perfect for designers new to 3D. Jeanette will show how you can add 3D design to your repertoire, speeding workflows, enhancing pitches, and bringing ideas to life.

In Part 1 of this three-part session, Jeanette will show you:

In Part 2 of this three-part session, you’ll learn how to:

In Part 3 of this three-part session, you’ll complete your project by:

Leap from 2D to 3D design with Adobe Dimension

Are you a graphic designer who wants to expand your repertoire to include 3D design? See how Adobe Dimension can make the world of 3D accessible to you. Join Dimension senior product designer Erin Kim, who made the leap from 2D to 3D design with Dimension, to discover how you can use its intuitive 3D tools to visualize packaging and logo designs or craft other creative 3D graphic design scenes.

As Erin shares her journey into 3D with Dimension in this session, you’ll learn about:

A beginner’s guide to adding texture using Substance Painter

Find out how to create the next generation of digital content with 3D. As a designer working in today’s pipelines, you need to learn how you can include 3D objects in your projects and apply textures and materials to reproduce realistic surfaces for 3D assets. In this hands-on lab for designers new to Substance Painter, Wes McDermott, head of the Substance demo artist team at Adobe, will show you how to create textures for 3D assets using Substance Painter.

In Part 1 of this three-part lab, you’ll learn how to:

In Part 2 of this three-part lab, you’ll take the next step, learning how to:

In Part 3 of this three-part lab, you’ll finish your project, mastering how to:

30-minute deep dive into Adobe Substance

In this demo, Wes McDermott, professional 3D artist and head of Adobe’s Substance demo artist team, will give you an in-depth demonstration of what you can do with Substance.

Get ready for the XR revolution

Digital creator and DreamWorks Animation specialist trainer Don Allen Stevenson III was initially drawn to 3D and AR to stay relevant as a designer. What he discovered was a creative playground that combines his passions for 3D animation and storytelling with technology and sound design: futuristic tech with interactive, game-like experiences. Discover how Don uses Adobe Aero, Dimension, Medium by Adobe, and Substance Painter to craft mind-bending immersive experiences for personal and professional use.

As Don shares his creative journey into extended reality (XR) in this session, you’ll learn:

What is virtual photography?

Step into the world of Adobe 3D tools to learn about the process of making picture-perfect images, all virtual — no studio, no camera, not even an actual product. Join Vladimir Petkovic, 3D and Immersive creative director at Adobe, to discover the world of computer-generated imagery. You’ll learn how to not only mirror photorealistic scenes, but also break the boundaries of the real world, enhance your creativity, and elevate your product shots for marketing and e-commerce.

In this session, Vlad gives you a close look at the tools from Adobe’s 3D offering — Dimension, Substance Alchemist, and Substance Painter. You’ll learn:

Create the picture-perfect project with Adobe Stock

Virtual photography is fast emerging as a viable solution for visual asset creation, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this session, Ryusei Yoshimoto, content development regional manager at Adobe, will show you the benefits of using 3D assets from Adobe Stock as well as those created in Adobe Dimension. He will walk you through an actual use case, plus put a spotlight on assets newly released in the Adobe Stock Premium collection.

Learn more: See how you can unleash your ideas in 3D & AR. To see how Adobe’s 3D & AR tools can help your workflow, check out these real-world use cases:

Brand & Product Visualization

Putting your brand in context, using 3D visualization, is a powerful way for you to create and make better decisions that can help you persuade an audience, tell a story, and entice customers.

Virtual Photography

Now you can create a picture-perfect photo without having to manage all the details of a photo shoot. With 3D technology, you can create professional marketing assets—and save money—while still delivering the visual impact you expect from traditional photography.

Environmental Design

_It’s easier than ever to visualize spaces and show off spatial concepts with 3D p_rototypes of architectural interiors, signage, floor layouts, retail storefronts, and more.

Creative Play

Let your imagination run wild, explore new visual styles and create masterpieces. Creative Play can prepare you for the next generation of design.

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