Let creative work flow easily with Dropbox and Adobe Creative Cloud

By Andy Wilson

Posted 12-03-2020

Good creative work is a study in collaboration. Copywriters partner with designers, and art directors work with photographers. Every step, from ideation to execution, has multiple key stakeholders. And it takes the entire team’s expertise to deliver a quality finished product.

Every successful project is the sum of many parts, and they all need to fit together neatly. Before social distancing, a lot of collaboration happened around a co-worker’s desk. But our offices are empty now, and it’s harder to align at every step of the process. Shared docs have replaced in-person brainstorms. And co-workers collaborate asynchronously through comments. The entire creative process — from kickoff to sign off — was disrupted by COVID-19.

But business as usual is evolving. Remote work is here to stay, and there are still a lot of wrinkles to iron out. Being flexible is key to thriving in chaos. And there’s a quick way to make any creative process or team more agile.

Dropbox safeguards files and data for businesses around the globe. But more than that, it’s an incredibly flexible collaboration platform. And it’s the only place where creative teams can save all their files and content side by side.

Clicking through countless apps to find a single file isn’t fun. But Dropbox can save Google Docs next to PSDs, photos, and videos. Finally, all a project’s files can live together in a single folder. Best of all? Every edit, update, and added file gets synced, automatically. It helps distributed teams cut down on versioning issues and miscommunication.

Of course, no project’s finished until approved by the right stakeholders. But the path to final signoff has become much more difficult in the past months. Many teams lost access to shared company servers. Others had to cobble together virtual approvals. It’s added a lot of swirl to an already involved process. Feedback arrives scattershot, coming by direct message, through comments, and over Zoom. It’s hard to wrangle comments and make edits while hitting tight deadlines. And even once the work has approved, there’s still another challenge: delivering final files.

We’ve all been there: A client or colleague is waiting for a file that never arrives. When you check your inbox, you see it: email undelivered. Some things are simply too large to email. With Dropbox Transfer for Adobe Creative Cloud, you can send up to 100 GB of files in a few clicks.

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Adobe apps have long served as the gold standard for professionals. But the files can be large and not every stakeholder uses Creative Cloud. Delivering work is sometimes the hardest part of the job. But it doesn’t have to be. Finally, there’s a simple way to deliver final files to anyone: Dropbox Transfer for Creative Cloud. It’s available now for Photoshop and coming soon to all your favorite Adobe apps.

Now you can send content faster and with more control. It’s as simple as clicking the Transfer button right from the app you’re already working in. You choose whether to send a render or the source file. Then add an expiration date or set a custom password, and your content is ready to share.

Dropbox is working hard to support creatives. We’ve launched new tools to help teams deal with social distancing. And we’re making it easier for everyone to share their ideas. Our users uploaded over 64 billion PDFs and 1.8 billion Photoshop files in the past 12 months alone. Those jaw-dropping numbers reveal an interesting side effect of the pandemic: It seems creative professionals aren’t the only ones doing creative work anymore.

Social distancing changed the way realtors show properties — open houses happen virtually. That means agents are photographers, video editors, and social media managers, too. Fitness instructors have ditched spinning rooms and yoga studios for video classes. And a lot of us put serious work into the perfect Zoom background. We’re all creators now — it’s our main way to connect with friends, family, clients, and co-workers.

Adobe makes industry-defining products — they’re the tool that pros use. What’s even more impressive, though? Those same apps bring creativity to everyone. You don’t have to be a full-time photojournalist to touch up a picture in Lightroom. Anyone can put together a great-looking video with Premiere Rush. Plus, Adobe uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to create neural filters for Photoshop. Now some of the most labor-intensive photo edits can be made by adjusting a slider.

Humans are resilient — when things get tough, we get great ideas. That’s why creativity is thriving; we’ve had to use our imagination to reshape the entire world. Industry professionals continue to deliver great work even with all the disruptions. Businesses and entrepreneurs bootstrapped innovative ways to serve their customers. Adobe’s powerful tools make it easier for everyone to execute bold new ideas. And Dropbox is here to help save, secure, and share everything we all create.

Learn more about the Dropbox for Creative Cloud extension and see it in action. Check out our product launch post on Work in Progress, the Dropbox blog.

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