6 Adobe XD plugins to test designs and get user feedback

The digital design process is iterative. UI/UX designers often create dozens of versions of a design as they move through the design process, incorporating feedback every step of the way. With Adobe XD, designers can create and share interactive prototypes that look and feel like a real website or app so they can articulate their vision and get everyone on the same page. But a prototype is only the beginning.

A powerful way you can use your prototypes to their fullest potential is to test them with real users. User and usability testing is a critical part of the design process because you can get insights about your designs before entering the development phase. Testing helps you assess how potential users will interact with your designs and identifies potential problems that could become costly later on in the product development process. By testing early and often, teams can also accelerate decision making by leveraging real data and insights.

That is why, today, we are excited to share a new collection of XD plugins to help you test designs and get insights from your XD prototypes. Explore the collection, install the plugins from here, and read on to learn more about a few of the plugins in the new collection.

Conduct remote interviews and tests with UserZoom GO

The UserZoom GO plugin for Adobe XD streamlines the process of building and launching remote usability tests and gives you access to powerful user feedback, all from within Adobe XD.

The plugin lets you create tasks, right within your prototypes, for test participants to complete and the ability to add follow-up questions. You can launch your test to your group of users or use an automated panel from UserZoom.

If you do not have a UserZoom GO account yet, you can sign up for a two-week free trial right from the plugin. Getting feedback from users has never been so straightforward!

Learn more about the UserZoom GO plugin for Adobe XD.

Test prototypes with real users with Maze

Maze enables agile design teams to test, learn, and act rapidly. Product and marketing teams can test user-facing experiences remotely, autonomously, and collaboratively, and see their results transform into actionable, quantifiable data within hours. With rapid testing in place, Maze opens up the process, giving everyone the ability to source and access user insights.

To get started, generate a prototype link in Adobe XD and import your prototypes into Maze, where you can run remote user tests and surveys and share them with users with a unique link.

Generate creative variants with Marpipe

Marpipe is a creative testing platform that lets you create multivariate tests for ad creative. The Marpipe plugin for Adobe XD lets you effortlessly experiment with your designs — whether you are testing brand creative or online experiences, you can use Marpipe to apply multiple values to artboard layouts and then generate every permutation as a new artboard on the canvas. Marpipe is an essential tool for digitally-native creative teams, product designers, and experimentally-minded creators.

Design customer-centric experiences with UserTesting Quick Answer

UserTesting helps you get real-time feedback from real customers. With the UserTesting Quick Answer plugin for Adobe XD, you can quickly test your designs directly from within XD.

You can set up a UserTesting test in three simple steps, then select your target audience and launch the test to solicit feedback on your prototypes. With the plugin, you can streamline customer feedback and iterate quickly and effectively based on this feedback. The UserTesting Quick Answer plugin helps ensure the delivery of more customer-centric experiences.

Create AI-powered heatmaps with Attention Insight

Attention Insight is a pre-launch marketing campaign analytics tool. With it, you can see your designs through the eyes of your users. Heatmaps, powered by AI, indicate how user attention distributes between different objects in your designs.

The Attention Insight plugin for Adobe XD makes it easy to upload and analyze different variations of your designs. You can learn more about using the plugin in this Plugin Walkthrough from Attention Insight.

Generate instant feedback for your design or product team so you can save time and avoid fixes after a launch. Make user-centric, data-driven decisions about your designs without the labor-heavy process of data collection.

Get faster learnings with Preely

Preely gives you the freedom to conduct remote and unmoderated user tests. Upload your Adobe XD prototype, create a test, share it, and have actionable insights within no time. Testing your prototypes brings a lot of value and insights to your business, and you can use Preely to validate assumptions or get new ideas to improve your product.

The Preely plugin for Adobe XD gives you direct access to the Preely testing platform and in-depth analytics. Connecting your Adobe XD prototype with Preely makes it even faster to conduct user tests — just select which flows you want to test and export them. With Preely, you can create a test, share it, and apply the results and insights to create better products with fewer resources.