Fresh fonts and language support features in Creative Cloud for 2021

Different fonts and languages saying Happy New Year.

Now that we have transitioned into a new year, we have future projects firmly in our sights. But how new and fresh will they be if we continue using the same old typefaces in our designs? Thankfully, Adobe Fonts now offers over 330 new fonts that have been added to your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, free to use in any project.

New connections with East Asia

Adobe Fonts continues its efforts to increase the options for those who design for East Asian audiences by adding more Chinese and Korean fonts. Recently, six new Korean foundries have been added to the Adobe Fonts catalogue.

New fonts from Sandoll

Over 50 new fonts come from Sandoll. Founded in 1984 by Geumho Seok, one of the most influential typographers and type designers in South Korea, it is the oldest and most celebrated Korean type foundry. Known for designing fonts for tech giants Microsoft and Apple, Sandoll has developed nearly 600 typefaces in a relentless effort to champion the importance, value, and beauty of the Hangul script.

New fonts from RixFont

One of Korea’s leading font companies, RixFont boasts a library of around 600 high-quality fonts and has developed custom fonts for top-tier corporate clients in Korea. Their know-how and technology patents enable agile responses in a rapidly changing market. RixFont brings twenty designs to Adobe Fonts.

New fonts from AG Typography Institute

AG Typography Institute was established in 2012 as a research arm of Ahn-graphics Ltd., the leading graphic design consultancy in Seoul, South Korea. It was founded by eminent designer Ahn Sang-soo, who was arguably the mastermind behind a revolutionary transition of the traditional Hangul, the Korean alphabet, into a functional medium for today’s type users.

New fonts from Yoondesign

A pioneer of digital font design since 1989, Yoondesign is dedicated to exploring and creating relationships between type design, brands, and content, based on extensive experience and research. They develop Hangul fonts and typography that not only convey information, but also express content and cultural codes that complete the design.

New fonts from Minjoo Ham

South Korean type designer and typographer Minjoo Ham discovered her interest in type during her graphic design studies at the Seoul Women’s University from 2005 to 2009. Dunkel Sans is a blocky poster face — Blazeface Hangul is the Hangul counterpart of Ohno Blazeface Italic.

New fonts from Noh Type

Noh Type is the foundry of Eunyou Noh, a type designer and researcher from South Korea. She joins Adobe Fonts with her TypeMedia 2017 graduation project Optique Display, a sharp and distinguished serif face.

Also, for East Asian users, FounderType and HelloFont are two new foundries offering Simplified Chinese on Adobe Fonts.

New fonts from FounderType

FounderType is an essential part of the world-renowned Founder Chinese Digital Publishing System by Beijing Founder Electronics Co., Ltd., the first professional developer of Chinese fonts in China and the world’s largest provider of Chinese font products. Highly regarded among professional publishers and printers for the great variety, high quality, and wide application scope of their work, as well as for their responsiveness to customers’ needs, FounderType adds four designs to Adobe Fonts.

New fonts from HelloFont

HelloFont presents designers with a variety of high-quality contemporary Chinese typefaces. The Chinese foundry joins Adobe Fonts with 20 fonts for Simplified Chinese. Their eclectic selection encompasses a complete expressive range — from traditional calligraphic faces to contemporary geometric and monoline designs to casual, sometimes whimsical or even childlike handwritten fonts.

Font browsing tailored to you

Adobe Fonts users are an international and diverse community. We have given our browsing features a refresh to provide the best experience possible for finding fonts that meet your specifications. You will find a revamped sidebar featuring a dropdown menu that allows you to select from more than 25 language support options, plus new classifications specific to filtering through East Asian fonts.

New language support browsing options on Adobe Fonts

New type from Type Network

Type Network continues to enrich the Adobe Fonts collection with fonts from their foundry partners. The latest batch includes four typefaces, one superfamily, and one extensive type system for a total of 130 new fonts.

New font Apotek

After working behind the scenes as the custom type director at Font Bureau and now at Type Network, Dyana Weismann steps into the spotlight with Apotek. This superfamily of squarish sans serifs is Weismann’s first release under her own banner Kerns & Cairns. Thanks to its seven weights in seven widths each, this typographic chameleon can accommodate any space, making it a publishing powerhouse that also works wonders on packaging, posters, and covers, as well as in branding and advertising applications.

New fonts New Herman and New Spirit

Brand typography specialist Newlyn has reinvented classic designs from the early twentieth century as contemporary digital font families. Inspired by Hermann Hoffmann’s Herold, the casual sans serif New Herman adds floral flair to posters and headlines. The rounded, good-humored serif face New Kansas is an interpretation of Oswald Cooper’s eponymous design, best known for its heaviest weight, Cooper Black. And New Spirit, available in regular and condensed widths, firmly brings the stately yet soft features of the iconic serif display face Windsor into the 21st century.

New font Aglet Mono

By releasing one variant at a time, XYZ Type has slowly but surely turned its idiosyncratic Aglet into a bona fide type system. On the heels of the technical-but-human rounded slab serif Aglet Slab and its sans serif sibling Aglet Sans comes Aglet Mono. Its persistent, friendly rhythm will give code and typewriter-style typography an amiable air.

New font Dico

Bold Monday’s Dico is a type system of a different magnitude. Pieter van Rosmalen reworked a sans serif designed in 2004 and expanded it into an impressive suite of eight subfamilies. The updated Dico Sans now also has Sans Soft and Mono variants as well as Slab and Mono Slab cousins. Programmers can choose between Dico Code One and Two, and Dico Typewriter takes monospace typography back to yesteryear, but with a modern twist.

All the types of Lust from Positype

The Lust Collection from Positype

Positype’s Lust also got expanded into a type system. The original Lust is an elegant high-contrast serif display face referencing the lyrical stylings of the seventies. It was soon joined by the luscious Lust Script. Now, three more subfamilies have been released. Lust Sans’ high contrast makes it sparkle, Lust Stencil breaks up the letterforms in swooshing fragments, and Lust Text’s reduced contrast and adapted proportions make it ideal for use at smaller sizes.

Process Type Foundry premieres on Adobe Fonts

Process Type Foundry joins Adobe Fonts

Minneapolis-based Process Type Foundry has built a stellar reputation over the years as a purveyor of outstanding digital type. The independent type studio offers an eclectic selection — Elena is a dependable, contemporary text face for immersive reading — the well-considered proportions of the rounded sans serif Moniker make it equally useful for body copy — and Capucine merges the best aspects of a casual sans and a script into a surprising design. In the display department, the robust Maple exudes the charm of retro wood type grotesques — Pique is an eye-popping, stylized brush script — and geometric sans Scandia Line astonishes with its unique letterforms devoid of any curves.

Single typefaces from Hamilton Wood Type, Darden Studio, and Floodfonts

New fonts from Hamilton Wood Type

Hamilton Wood Type continues to serve up the freshest, most surprising interpretations of mid-nineteenth century wood type, an era when experimentation with letterforms reached feverish heights. HWT Etta comes in two versions — the decorative inline style Etta West, and Etta East with its playful reverse contrast and inward-pointing serifs.

New font Birra from Darden Studios

If you want to relax and have a good time, sample Darden Studio’s Birra series. Inspired by the flavor and color of different types of beer, it offers a tasting menu of expressive designs. The latest font to emerge from the cellar is Bira Lambic, a jovial design with a Celtic bouquet named after the signature brew from the Belgian region Pajottenland.

New font Tuna from Floodfonts

Optimized for longform body copy in print and on screen, FloodfontsTuna is a serif text face designed with sturdy, exacting features. Its low contrast and strong serifs rooted in the broad-nib pen principle guarantee a smooth reading experience.

There is something for everyone in this selection of typefaces premiering on Adobe Fonts. To take advantage of these fresh offerings, simply activate the desired fonts and you will be good to go. All fonts are included at no extra charge in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. So dress 2021 in novel typographic togs and embrace the new.