Adobe employees from around the world welcome the Year of the Ox

Lunar New Year decorations in Singapore.

By Celest Lim

Posted on 02-11-2021

The Lunar New Year (LNY) — also known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival — marks the first new moon of the lunisolar calendars that are traditionally used in many east Asian countries, including China, Singapore, Korea, and Vietnam. It is one of the most significant and vibrant celebrations around the world.

With Adobe’s upcoming Global Day Off falling on the first day of LNY, employees around the world shared their own traditions and how they’ll be celebrating this year.

Year of the Ox and Festive Decorations

February 12 marks the beginning of the Year of the Ox, the second animal on the Chinese zodiac, bringing a renewed source of strength and resilience to the year ahead.

Lunar New Year decorations in Singapore, showing the Year of the Ox.
Food stand in Singapore.

“Every LNY, I would stroll down Chinatown to enjoy the massive lantern displays. This year even with the beautiful Ox displays, the streets were quieter and stalls empty. I’m missing the Adobe Lion Dance and big loud cheering during Yusheng — a uniquely Singaporean tossing of fresh vegetables and raw fish for good luck.”

— Vincent Chia, DME enterprise account executive, Singapore

The ‘Chun Lian’ (Spring Couplet), also known as 'a pair of antithetical phrases,' is a special form of literature in China.

“The ‘Chun Lian’ (Spring Couplet), also known as ‘a pair of antithetical phrases,’ is a special form of literature in China. Often written with black or gold ink on red paper, these couplets are traditionally pasted on the sides of the front door and above the door frame as LNY decorations and wishes for happiness and a good year ahead.”

— Enno Zhong, senior solutions consultant, Guangzhou, China

Auspicious Tunes, Red Envelopes, and Family Gatherings

“Nothing quite like the blasting of festive tunes at the malls and supermarkets to remind us that LNY is ‘round the corner! Here’s us singing one of our favorites called “He Xin Nian (贺新年)” — a song wishing all a happy new year.”

— Angela Lee, JAPAC lifecycle marketing specialist & Joyce Neo, APAC marketing manager, Singapore

“I always looked forward to receiving Hongbao from my parents. It’s a red envelope with money inside for good luck. Now my dog, Burger, gets Hongbao treats too.”

— Zihan Miao, customer insights manager, San Francisco, U.S.

“My family would spend hours together, baking trays of pineapple tarts for friends and relatives. Mom’s recipe is the best!”

— Clarissa Nah, marketing manager, Singapore

“Lunar New Year is a really special time for me, as my family gets together to celebrate my Grandmother and treat her with new clothes, flowers and her favorite food!”

— Zara Un, EMEA e-commerce manager, London, UK

Food, Glorious Food

Food is the heart of LNY. While the family reunion dinner on LNY eve is the most significant meal of the celebrations, holiday feasting often starts weeks before and lasts through the first 15 days of LNY. For our employees, we’ll be hosting a Lunar New Year Celebration and Cooking Demonstration on February 18! We can’t wait to celebrate with everyone virtually!

“My wife’s family typically mixes the Asian must-haves (roast pig) with the Australian (sashimi and oysters) — it becomes a very fusion plate.”

— William Leung, Japan & APAC, head of acquisitions and search marketing, Sydney, Australia

Franklin celebrating Lunar New Year with his family.

“LNY for me means a big family gathering with each household bringing dishes; wearing red and new clothes signifying a new year and a fresh start; and handing out red envelopes to the kids.”

— Franklin Tjhin, APAC search marketing manager, Sydney, Australia

Dan Jiao’ — egg wrap with seasoned pork, which symbolizes "treasures of gold," and ‘Jiu Niang Tang’ — sweet wine-rice soup with small rice balls symbolizing "family reunion and perfection."

“For LNY, we would prepare ‘Dan Jiao’ — egg wrap with seasoned pork, which symbolizes “treasures of gold,” and ‘Jiu Niang Tang’ — sweet wine-rice soup with small rice balls symbolizing “family reunion and perfection.” This year, to commemorate the Year of the Ox, we will have a beef dish too.”

— Chloe Wang, executive assistant, Shanghai, China

Cross-culture Celebration

“Special greetings in Korean, French, and English!”

— Hyojin Shin, marketing manager, Seoul, South Korea

“We are celebrating LNY in a special way this year. Our 10-year-old daughter was selected as a young ambassador to represent the U.S at the Silk Road Children’s Emissary in China, which is being broadcast to over 82 countries. Makenna was chosen because of her singing ability and her relationship as the great great niece of Helen Foster Snow, a journalist from Utah who was nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize for her contributions to modern Chinese history in the 1930s.”

— Adam Foster, talent management and development, Workfront, Utah, U.S.

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