World-class experience makers headline Adobe Summit keynotes

Serena Williams, Dan Levy, Malcolm Gladwell, and more hit the virtual stage as Adobe Summit presenters and keynotes.

There is no question, big ideas can — and do — come from everywhere. Adobe Summit unites leaders, brands, and businesses so we can, as a global Experience Maker community, learn from people in diverse industries and niches we do not often get to engage with.

Summit attendees will learn from luminaries representing digital marketing, commerce, entertainment, sports, and more. During dedicated sessions in the Trends and Inspiration track, these thought leaders will share their dynamic perspectives and inspired ways of thinking — helping transform your mindset, career path, and business.

Here are some of the amazing speakers on the Summit 2021 luminaries lineup, and why you cannot afford to miss out on their insights and transformative perspectives.

Malcolm Gladwell, journalist and author

He is the author of five New York Times best-selling books, including <u>The Tipping Point</u>, <u>David and Goliath</u>, and <u>Outliers</u> — and, on April 29, Malcolm Gladwell will lead the session, “A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste.”

Gladwell will discuss the unexpected opportunities coming out of the pandemic and how we now have a chance to re-rewrite our own organizational rulebooks. We are in a radically different world and it is important our next steps must be deliberate and forward-looking.

Dara Treseder, SVP, global head of marketing & communications, Peloton

In 2020, SVP, global head of marketing & communications, Dara Treseder steered Peloton into a record-breaking year as people looked to stay active and healthy from home. As part of her “How Brands Connect to Community & Culture” session, Dara will share her thoughts on shifts in customer experience expectations — and how, more than ever, to captivate customers, brands must step up and deliver authentic, engaging experiences.

A big part of this, as Dara will address in her session, comes back to community. Peloton has uniquely created a sense of community, even though its users are not coming together in a traditional sense. By understanding the culture of its audience and leaning into social relevance, Dara has helped the brand thrive — and, in this session, she will share her thoughts for being on the right side of community, culture, and connection.

Charlene Li, author and founder/senior fellow at Altimeter, a Prophet company

Many companies put disruption front and center assuming that if they are “disruptors,” they will automatically generate meaningful customer experiences and stay ahead of the industry curve forever.

In reality, though, that’s the opposite of how disruption works. As Charlene Li explains in “The Secret to Being Disruptive,” disruption does not create growth. Instead, growth creates disruption — and to be on the “right side” of disruption, businesses need a growth strategy that aligns the entire organization around future customer experiences. When that happens, growth — and meaningful disruption — follow.

Ray Wang, author and principal analyst, Constellation Research, Inc.

As founder and principal analyst at Constellation Research, Inc., Ray Wang unpacks disruptive businesses and technology trends — especially critical topics during a year of accelerated digital transformation.

In his Summit session, “The 3 A’s of CX: Analytics, Automation, and AI,” Wang digs into many of these emerging trends, with an eye on what tomorrow’s customers demand — and how improved signal intelligence, dynamic feedback loops, and richer contextual relevance will help brands deliver. Moving ahead, every experience leader will need to consider where and when to apply analytics, automation, and AI in their customer experience design. The organizations that can achieve this will better equip brands to deliver on customer needs while reducing risk.

Rachel Botsman, trust expert, Oxford University teacher, author

Over the last decade, Rachel Botsman has been focused on the role of trust in the modern world, with an eye on everything from the sharing economy to misinformation trends. During her Adobe Summit session, “Rethinking Trust,” Botsman talks about these diverse experiences and how trust played a role every step of the way — and how, by harnessing the power of trust, we can all navigate uncertainty and make confident choices.

Susan Cain, author

To truly excel as a leader, you need to be adept at bringing the best out of each of your employees — but sometimes those talents are not so front and center.

During her Summit session, “How to Balance the Need for Solitude & Teamwork to Stimulate Innovation,” author and Quiet Revolution founder Susan Cain will talk about the power of introversion — and how, often, the most creative people in the room are not the ones making the most noise.

Shawn Achor, author

Best-selling author Shawn Achor is also joining the Summit luminary lineup, focusing on IQ, emotional intelligence (EQ), and how, when these two forces come together, change happens.

As Shawn will explain, making change means constructing a picture of your desired reality. With a clear picture, you can activate your IQ and EQ, helping you achieve the desired goal and get closer to becoming a “positive genius” — a person who can build and act on their visions for success and transfer those realities to others.

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