Cadan Technologies accelerates sales worldwide using Adobe Sign

SMB managed IT services provider Cadan Technologies accelerates sales with customers worldwide using Adobe Sign for e-signatures

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Cadan Technologies is built around a simple model: great customer service. The Minnesota-based managed IT services provider focuses on bringing the latest technologies to small and medium businesses in the United States and around the world. And it doesn’t just manage services for customers. The company provides custom support throughout the entire technology lifecycle from initial asset acquisition to refreshing technology at the end of life.

One way that Cadan Technologies improves its customer service is by digitizing customer pricing quotes, contracts, and other agreements. Digital workflows eliminate delays caused by printing, mailing, or scanning documents that need signed approval. This means customers can start working with the experts at Cadan Technologies faster and stop worrying about their IT environments. With e-signatures through Adobe Sign, Cadan Technologies creates fully digital workflows that allow customers to view, sign, and return documents in minutes from any device.

“As a small business, the number one rule for us is to make sure that every customer interaction is easy and streamlined,” says Charles LeVoir, director of sales at Cadan Technologies. “Adobe Sign eliminates barriers in our workflows to clear a path for better customer experiences.”

Fast and more secure customer contracts

Cadan Technologies evaluated both Adobe Sign and DocuSign for e-signatures. Adobe Sign came out on top for its ease of use, high functionality, and a smaller minimum user requirement to get enterprise-level value.

Most documents running through Adobe Sign involve the sales team. Cadan Technologies sales representatives used to spend around three hours managing each contract. Now it takes just 30 minutes. Since the team processes around five agreements per week on average, this adds up to huge time savings for the team.

“I want to get my sales team out of the contract management business,” says LeVoir. “Adobe Sign automates much of the contract process, giving my sales team more time to focus on customers, create relationships, and build the business.”

The audit trail in Adobe Sign plays an important role in the speed and security of documentation processes. The sales administrator can turn a Microsoft Word document into signable agreement in minutes. The Adobe Sign dashboard gives LeVoir a clear view of what agreements have been sent out, if they’ve been received and viewed by customers, and which documents have been returned. The audit trail also allows Cadan Technologies to see who received and signed documents, making digital documents even more secure than sending an email or having paper sit on desks.

Automated notifications prompt customers to sign outstanding documents without sales representatives needing to spend time following up with each contract. Mandatory signature fields mean contracts come back with all needed signatures. Sales representatives no longer have to spend time going back and forth with customers to find missing pages or getting additional signatures.

“We sped up contract signing time from more than three weeks to less than one,” says LeVoir. “Faster sales are good for both our customers and our bottom line. It’s a big win for everyone.”

Streamlining all workflows, internal or external

While Cadan Technologies primarily uses Adobe Sign for customer-facing agreements, the company also streamlines numerous internal processes with Adobe Sign. From purchase requests to PTO submissions, the company previously used paper-based signatures for many internal approval processes. Employees submitting a document for approval typically downloaded the appropriate form from a shared drive, printed it out, and filled it in by hand.

Now, all of these forms are processed through Adobe Sign. The digital workflow is much easier to initiate, and just as importantly, it makes the signed documents easier to manage. Procurement, human resources, and other teams receive a clean PDF file for each request, so they can quickly store and search for documents as needed.

“Adobe Sign is such a flexible solution that we can use alone or integrate into any type of workflow,” says LeVoir. “We’re taking advantage of the full functionality of Adobe Sign to bring productivity gains to teams across the company.”

Cadan Technologies uses Adobe Sign for enhanced customer experiences. Learn more here.