Celebrating all that #WomenCreate

Creativity from women inspires creativity in women. And when women create, great things happen.

Women holding their fists in the air, showing support to other woman.

Creativity from women inspires creativity in women. And when women create, great things happen.

It’s more crucial than ever to empower women to use their creative voices and talents, to create positive change and uplift those around them. This Women’s History Month and beyond, we’re celebrating the boundless, bold and empowering creativity of all the amazing women in our community.

We asked some wonderful women creators to share what #WomenCreate means to them. From tributes to female creativity to a showcase of women who have inspired them, here’s what they came up with. Don’t forget to view the hashtag #WomenCreate on social media for more amazing artworks.

Rachael Sarra @sar.ra__

Rachael Sarra is a contemporary Aboriginal artist whose work explores and tells the powerful stories of Indigenous culture and identity. In this artwork, she celebrates the resilience of women and the strength and harmony in the diverse voices that make up the creative landscape.

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Maggie Zhou @yemagz

Melbourne-based content creator and podcast host Maggie Zhou shares her own poem inspired by Morgan Harper Nichols’; a short but moving ode to those who have inspired her creatively and in life, highlighting how every woman stands on the shoulders of all those who have come before her - interlaced with heartwarming footage of her with her mother.

Jessica Holsman @studywithjess

YouTuber and entrepreneur Jess Holsman is a motivational powerhouse whose passion lies in helping her audience pursue success and find their purpose. To Jess, #WomenCreate is reminiscent of her core values of independence, authenticity, freedom and kindness. Most importantly, it reminds her that when women create, they leave their unique mark on the world that inspires and empowers the generations to come.

Bianca Beers @biancabeers

Artist and designer Bianca Beers has created a stunning and boldly feminine piece in appreciation of women as creators – of art, beauty, community, and life. Her work celebrates the strength and resilience of women and honours those who are her inspiration.

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Joy Li @_joyli

Graphic designer Joy Li has created a contemporary animated visualisation of the poem Admiring Lotuses by Li Qingzhao, one of the most renowned female poets in ancient China. To her, #WomenCreate is about celebrating the contributions of women, both in modern society and the bygone days. Just like the poem, Joy’s artwork invokes youthful vigour, confidence and poise.

Now it’s your turn to tell us how #WomenCreate inspires you! Show the world what happens when #WomenCreate by using the hashtag on social media.