Life reflected: A modern photo album that reflects us to connect us

Adobe Lightroom presents Life Reflected: A modern photo album that reflects us to connect us.

Photos can powerfully capture moments, archive memories, offer a window into each other’s lives, and connect people. But a recent survey by Adobe found that 56 percent of people believe that the photos they saw in the news over the past year have made them feel more divided than connected.

The world may feel divided right now, but it is easy to forget how alike we are. According to those surveyed, 75 percent of people believe they are actually more alike to others, and 90 percent of people agree that a photo has the power to connect them to others. So what if we created a modern photo album and campaign that reflects us to connect us?

Starting today, we are partnering with notable photographers to launch #LifeReflected.

We are teaming up with a group of incredible photographers — Andre D. Wagner, Valheria Rocha, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn, and James Anthony — to post a set of one-word prompts each week that will inspire the photographs you share, and help us create a digital photo album that shows how we are more connected than different. And as an added bonus: Wagner and Adobe will choose some of the photos that you share and Wagner will edit and enhance your images using Lightroom, complemented by video tutorials to explain the process.

Want to participate? Here’s how:

Follow Adobe Lightroom’s Instagram and Twitter channels and @photodre for additional details, and to find inspiration for the photographs you share!

  1. From March 29–April 16, share your unedited photographs on your Instagram and/or Twitter account, using inspiration/direction from one of the following hashtags per post. Feel free to share photos to more than one hashtag if you are feeling inspired. The full list of hashtags over the three-week period includes:
  1. Include the hashtag #LifeReflected in your post caption, along with the selected prompt hashtag from the list above.
  2. Make sure your Instagram or Twitter posts (or accounts) are set to public so your photos can be seen.
  3. Include a caption about the photo you share — it could be your inspiration, information about the image itself, etc.
  4. Make sure the photos you want to share are uploaded with the appropriate hashtags by no later than Friday, April 16, 2021.
  5. Be sure to check back on the prompt hashtags and our partners’ Instagram pages in the following weeks to see exciting photos and tutorials from the #LifeReflected community.

Download our free mobile app for Lightroom here.