Top 10 Adobe Summit sessions for government

The top 10 Adobe Summit sessions that will help your agency modernize its digital experiences and put people first.

Adobe Summit 2021

Adobe Summit 2021

Adobe Summit, a global virtual event that brings together Experience Makers across industries to learn about the latest trends, best practices and technologies fueling digital transformation and communication, is set to take place April 27th to April 29th. This year’s event features incredible keynote speakers including tennis champion, entrepreneur and philanthropist Serena Williams, bestselling author Malcom Gladwell, and Emmy Award-winning writer, actor, director, producer Dan Levy.

As a former government IT executive who was responsible for delivering results and using data to better inform IT investment decisions that improve mission delivery, I have always found Adobe Summit to be filled with inspiration from leaders of the world’s largest brands of what is possible through digital transformation. Summit consistently delivers outstanding sessions covering everything from content creation, personalization and digital enrollment — to analytics, data and document security, and work management.

This year, attending Summit is more important than ever.

For many in government, you have spent a year accelerating your digital transformation, often procuring and implementing technology and solutions in two months that could have taken up to two years under normal circumstances. Now is a perfect time to come up for air, look at what has happened, learn how people in business and government have adapted, and plot your agency’s next steps in digital transformation.

Here are my picks for the top 10 Adobe Summit sessions that will help your agency modernize its digital experiences and put people first.

1. Digital Modernization: Taking Innovation to New Heights (S806)

Pamela Isom, deputy chief information officer, architecture engineering technology & innovation, U.S. Department of Energy, will talk about how your agency can:

In this dynamic session, Isom is going to share her insights into how agencies can lean into advancements in digital modernization to propel innovation. Isom’s efforts at the U.S. Department of Energy has helped move the agency towards paperless government and improved workforce efficiency. Click here to register and attend this session.

2. How Walmart Built One of the World’s Largest Intranets (S519)

In our remote-first world, providing one’s workforce with a visually engaging, personalized, and self-service digital platform that connects people to critical resources is essential. This is where a well-designed intranet can play a critical role in supporting the dedicated employees in your agency.

In this session, Walmart will discuss how they created an employee intranet to serve over two million employees, and how they:

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3. Build an Omnichannel Ecosystem That Connects with Customers (S410)

An empowered customer can engage with an agency, business or organization whenever and however they want. To deliver valuable experiences, communications professionals must understand and even anticipate when and how a customer engages.

In this session, learn how Comcast uses Adobe Campaign to provide omnichannel marketing experiences, automated journeys, and ultimately, better customer experiences that create value for its customers and the company. The session will focus on topics that are relevant to many government agencies, such as:

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4. Rapid Digital Forms: How Cloud with AI Boosts Enrollment (E139)

When it comes to digital forms, many organizations have only a handful of forms that are built for multichannel interactions, with many still waiting to be optimized for a mobile experience. Government agencies at all levels have to deal with the challenge of converting all these forms in a way that will not take months or years and put stress on thin budgets and resources. In this session, you learn:

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5. The Future of Customer Journey Management (S404)

Communications and website owners in government want to get better about providing their customers with personalized cross-channel campaigns and connect them with in-the-moment, one-to-one engagements relevant to their needs throughout the customer journey. In this session, you will learn about:

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6. How Brands Realize Value with Customer Journey Analytics (S307)

Analytics is how agencies like the CDC are better communicating with the public. Learn how some of the biggest brands in travel and hospitality, retail, and media are using Customer Journey Analytics today. In this session, you will learn:

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7. 5 Proven Solutions for Work Management Adoption Challenges (S266)

Successful organizational change and adoption of new technology requires a balanced approach and positive engagement from leadership. How do you best guide your team to adopt new solutions that will streamline their processes and enable them to focus on producing high-quality work? Workfront has years of experience in helping customers successfully implement and adopt work management technology that changes the way the entire organization functions. Join Heather Foeh, head of customer marketing at Adobe, as she offers up five best practices for getting your team‘s buy-in to using work management technology and ultimately becoming champions themselves.

Click here to register and attend this session.

8. Workfront: Enter the Age of Digital Operations (S272)

In 2021, 60 percent of enterprises will invest in digital employee experiences, transforming relationships between employers and employees. As technology has unified the customer experience, it is now unifying operational silos — marketing ops, e-comm, sales ops, and IT/PMO. In this session, learn:

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9. Adobe Experience Manager Headless Content Delivery at Massive Scale (S520)

In today’s digital-first world, companies and government agencies need to fuel content into modern app-like experiences across every touchpoint on the customer journey. Learn how a large global enterprise has leveraged the API-first and headless content capabilities in Experience Manager to deliver content to the multitude of surfaces that customers engage on at massive scale.

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10. Need for Speed: Content Velocity Is Critical in Healthcare (S753)

As we all grappled with the changes brought about by COVID-19, the ability to provide timely and relevant content to healthcare employees and patients became all the more critical. In addition to getting the latest information to people quickly, the ability to pivot to digital-first engagement and the use of digital tools to screen and onboard patients proved important as well.

In this session, you will learn how Mercy Health partnered with Adobe to digitize forms, perform digital triage, and bring content management and delivery back in-house in record time. Some keys I think you will find helpful include how you can:

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Other sessions worth attending…

Forrester: The Critical Balance of CX + Employee Enablement (S854)

While enterprises have aimed to improve customer experiences (CX) for decades, the approach to CX has been focused primarily on customer-facing touchpoints while overlooking the employee, partner, and technology ecosystem that enables them. In this session, Mark Taylor, practice lead at Cognizant Digital Experience, and TJ Keitt, principal analyst with Forrester, present findings from new global research that examines the critical intersection between employee enablement and customer experience. Without the former, the latter will not succeed. This is true in the private sector and in government.

AbbVie Digitally Transforms with Adobe Sign (S802)

Implementing a digital solution in a heavily regulated industry has its challenges. But with a small team, AbbVie was able to successfully deploy Adobe Sign across the enterprise, confronting paper-to-digital hurdles along the way. Lori Crane, senior manager for R&D quality documentation management at AbbVie, shares her transformation.

For all government agencies, but especially those on the front lines with the public, you will learn about the approach Crane’s team took to overcome the challenges associated with going digital.

Registration for Adobe Summit is free and virtual.

Adobe Summit 2021 is a great opportunity for all those in government to gain insights in how leaders across industries and across the world are solving challenges and working to improve customer experience and provide their workforce with the tools necessary for success.

Registration is free. So, reserve your spot today here.

If you have questions, visit the Adobe Summit 2021 website and access our FAQ section.