Happy Earth Day! Adobe Insiders inspire environmental change to #RestoreOurEarth

The events of 2020 shook our planet to the core. They also served as an inadvertent and unexpected scientific experiment, a glimpse into the environmental impact of human behaviour and life as activity ground to a halt, and so did some of our environmentally damaging behaviour: global air traffic halved, UK road activity plummeted by 70%, and there was a 500% reduction in sewage and liquid waste in the rivers in India.

Yet, global lockdowns also prompted surges in home deliveries, as people adopted new hobbies and carried out their grocery shopping online, causing a sharp rise in use of plastic packaging and number of delivery journeys. And carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere continued to rise, another warning of a more unstable future.

We’ve got a lot of collaborative work to do to address our climate crisis, and this year’s Earth Day is that much more pertinent, and a stark reminder of the environmental lessons learned during the pandemic.

#RestoreOurEarth: The power of collective action

Adobe is teaming up with Insiders, creative social Influencers, across Europe to use creativity to show how even the smallest steps forward make an impact towards a greener, more sustainable future for our planet.

The key message from environmentalists and scientists is strong and clear: everyone must play their part, and small changes make a big difference. And the proof is in the atmosphere. During 2020, 84% of countries enjoyed improved air quality, well and truly opening all our eyes to the environmental impact of humanity, on a global scale.

Using Adobe tools, such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator, Adobe Insiders will draw, direct, and design artwork reflecting their personal commitment to environmental action.

The imagination and skill shown by our Insiders is stunning, with mesmerising creations including a bold and fierce depiction of industrial deforestation from German digital artist Justin Peters using Photoshop, and a striking nature-based animation highlighting humanity’s need to take more environmental accountability, by Danish motion designer Caroline Kjellberg using After Effects.

You can find all their artwork using the tags #AdobeInsider #RestoreOurEarth and #EarthDay.

Flying toy

Justin Peters (DE)

Beach with rubbish

Beach with rubbish

JC Pieri (FR)

House pictured through window

Carolyn Stritch (UK)

Sea with clouds and paint color palette

Andrea Antoni (IT)

Creativity and Community Changing the World

In times like this, we are reminded of how community and creativity have the power to change the world. Creativity is what connects us, even in the most challenging of times. When it comes to our environment and its delicate balance, the events of 2020 have shown us the power of sustained, collective action in helping #RestoreOurEarth, and how together, we can ensure the future of our environment for generations to come.