BJ’s Wholesale Club taps Adobe Experience Platform to enhance its membership and marketing engagement strategy

BJ’s Wholesale Club, a leading membership warehouse club in the Eastern US is leveraging Adobe Experience Platform to drive growth and retention in membership base.

Photo of the outside of BJ's warehouse club.

Image source: BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Adobe announced today that BJ’s Wholesale Club, a leading operator of membership warehouse clubs in the Eastern United States, is leveraging Adobe Experience Platform, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, to grow and retain its membership and deliver value with more personalized and data-driven marketing.

In the last year, BJ’s has acquired new members at record levels, many of which skew younger and are more digitally-engaged. To drive engagement and showcase the value of membership, BJ’s is partnering with Adobe to elevate its membership and marketing approach with a focus on personalization, convenience and value. With Adobe Experience Platform, BJ’s gets a unified view of the member experience, with real-time insights that enable teams to refine customer journeys, deliver new services, and customize messages across various channels.

“We’ve made transformational progress as a company in the last year and we’re building on that momentum by making strategic investments to provide the most value and convenience to our members,” said Paul Cichocki, executive vice president, chief commercial officer, BJ’s Wholesale Club. “By partnering with Adobe, we’re elevating our membership and marketing to deliver one, cohesive member journey across all touchpoints and better showcase the value of a BJ’s membership. With Adobe Experience Platform, we’ll meet our members where they are and with content and offers that are relevant to them.”

Within Adobe Experience Platform, BJ’s will leverage Adobe’s real-time customer data platform (RT-CDP), where a unified view of the member experience is updated as interactions take place. In real time, the insights can inform how content and messages are personalized for specific channels.

With the Journey Optimizer feature, personalization campaigns can be mapped out visually so that members receive the most intuitive promotions. Those who frequently purchase health and beauty items for instance, can be the first to get a category-specific promotion. Through Customer Journey Analytics, the company can support an internal environment where every team can access member insights and operate from a single source of truth. Adobe provides best-in-class privacy controls and governance as well, ensuring that brands use data responsibly and transparently, while providing consumers greater control over their information.

Through early and thoughtful investments in technology, BJ’s Wholesale Club has kept pace with a challenging retail environment and maintained leadership within their sector. With a growing and more digitally-savvy member base, BJ’s can rely on Adobe Experience Platform to uncover blind spots in the shopping journey and ensure that every interaction is personalized through real-time insights.