Jamal Edwards MBE: nurturing creative talent and using my platform for good

As an entrepreneur, I have channeled my creativity through different fields including music, directing, mentoring and as an author. I have also always tried to make it my mission to support young people and use my platform for good.

The JE Delve x Adobe partnership is about equipping young creatives with the tools and skills they need for the future - nurturing 10 aspiring young creators to allow them to succeed in creative industries. As we launch episode two of our mini-series on SBTV, here I am sharing some insight into my story and highlighting the importance of controlling our own narratives.

How did I get here?

I grew up in a very creative household. My route to working in the creative field professionally was born when I had an idea to help emerging artists and friends find a new way to get into the industry. The internet was still a pretty new thing when I began SBTV, but as YouTube grew, luckily so did the channel and here I am today. I still try to channel creativity through all my projects now and have made it my mission to support young people and use my platform for good in whatever way I can. Elevating aspiring talent and instilling belief in them and their ideas is so important as it really does shape them and their future careers.

What is JE Delve X Adobe?

JE Delve X Adobe is a project all about working with young creatives over the course of a year, to help them develop skills and the experience to further their creative careers. Using Adobe Creative Cloud and the amazing tutors they have access to, alongside contacts I’ve built within the industry, we are giving the young creators hands on experience through video shoots and workshops so they have the best chance to develop and learn. It’s been amazing to see their progression so far. Getting messages after each shoot from each of them to say how much they are gaining is really what it’s all about.

JE Delve X Adobe provides these young creators with the opportunity to work alongside and learn from industry professionals across lighting, directing, editing, design and much more. I think it’s great that they came into the project as a team, so they can discuss ideas and learn from each other too – networking is so important especially within your own peer group and it could lead to them collaborating with each other in the future! The main thing I hope the opportunity gives them is belief in their own ideas and creativity. A great idea is a great idea, whether that comes from the head of a company or someone in the first week of a new job - that’s what’s important for everyone to understand.

What can we expect from Episode Two - Tell It Your Way?

The second episode is all about teamwork and the young creator’s trusting their own ideas. The first episode was more focused around introducing them to the project but now it’s clear to see their individual learning experiences and taking ownership of their own ideas. It’s great that they are starting to understand the whole process and how the right editing can really affect the final result. This is something that is great for them to understand before the final music video shoot.

“Editing is so important as it is key in creating the whole story of a piece - whether that’s a feature film or a 3-minute music video. Finding the balance between the sound, imagery, music and blending them all together to work in harmony is a real skill.”

Jamal Edwards MBE, SBTV

What is your advice for aspiring creators?

My first piece of advice is to network and never be afraid to ask for help/advice from those around you. Chances are that people will want to help you out. I’ve spoken in schools to young people many times and given out my contact details to get in touch. Only a handful of people have so far reached out – I think often people are scared to send ideas over, but I love sharing my contacts and helping new creators get into the industry in any way I can. You never know where an email can lead and the worst thing they can say is no, which leaves you in the same position anyway!

My second piece of advice is to always keep belief in your ideas and work hard to make them happen. No process is ever easy and there will always be hard moments along the way, its trusting in that amazing thought you had at the beginning and believing in it enough to make it happen.

Episode Two – Tell It Your Way - is out now and can be viewed on SBTV’s YouTube channel