Introducing Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials to simplify collaboration across teams

Assets Essentials is a lightweight edition of Adobe Experience Manager with a simplified user experience for marketing and creators to store, discover, and distribute digital assets across teams.

By Elliot Sedegah

Posted on 04-27-2021

Over the last few years, almost every brand has felt the pressure to accelerate the shift to a digital everywhere world. Customers now expect rich imagery and video at every interaction across the customer journey and every brand must deliver. We must transform from a world of siloed channel marketing, with many more teams working in concert to orchestrate customer experiences at scale. From ideation, creative production, to experience delivery — many more users are involved in the experience making process.

However, many organizations still struggle to find a consistent approach to deal with the thousands of images, videos, and rich media used in the experience making process. Marketing teams and content creators are often stuck in their organization’s silos or use apps that do not enable the seamless flow of work and sharing of digital assets. It is not unusual for groups to send assets back and forth through email, network-shared drives, cloud repositories or file sharing services — and then wait for the next email or notification. In some cases, the best creative asset for the right experience is “stuck in the attic”, estimate is that 25 percent of all content that is created is wasted and never used.

Some of the world’s best brands regain control over their digital assets with Adobe Experience Manager Assets. Now, we are making it even easier for more users to access asset management within the apps they use across Adobe Experience Cloud.

Today, we are introducing Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials. Assets Essentials is a lightweight edition of Adobe Experience Manager Assets with a simplified user experience for marketing and creative pros to store, discover, and distribute digital assets across teams. Assets Essentials will serve as the default asset management experience across Experience Cloud apps, starting with the new Adobe Journey Optimizer and later this year with Adobe Workfront.

Key capabilities and features of Assets Essentials:

Better experience making with simplified asset management

We have rebuilt the user experience from the ground up, cloud-native, to enable more teams to access digital asset management (DAM). What’s more, the platform will continue to evolve — with more capabilities, tools and connection points coming in the months ahead to help more users build experiences with the digital assets that matter.

Tune into Adobe Summit to learn more

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