Adobe Summit 2021 recap — Look what’s possible with Experience Manager now

See Adobe Experience Manager innovation featured above in the Content Creation Innovation Super Session demo.

Adobe Summit 2021 featured more than 400 sessions and speakers. That’s a lot to absorb, so the Adobe Experience Manager team made it easier with this handy overview of the Experience Manager highlights you care about most. Want to explore on your own? Check out Summit on demand.

Digital has become de facto

Digital engagement amongst enterprises has never been greater than it is now. In fact, despite the pandemic, a recent 2021 trend study by Adobe and Econsultancy found that more than 70 percent of companies that outperformed their sectors from a digital experience standpoint were three times more likely to perform well in 2020. The study surprised many by revealing that digital transformation across big companies — expected to take 5-10 years by most analysts — sped up because of the pandemic. This helps prove that companies can thrive in this ‘new normal’ state — if they have the right digital foundation.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that most enterprises report only about 20 percent of their assets (graphics, videos, images, etc.) are tagged (with metadata). Plus, many teams are siloed, which can lead to negative outcomes for the digital ecosystem, such as longer times for teams to get content in market and poorer customer experiences.

According to Loni Stark, vice president, Adobe Experience Manager, product management and marketing, this is where Adobe and Experience Manager can have a tremendous impact. Her Innovation Super Session, part of the Fueling the Digital Economy with Content Everywhere series, outlined how companies can reimagine content management and delivery via three important ways:

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What’s new with Experience Manager Assets?

Recent research shows that 57 percent of enterprises are already using or experimenting with machine learning (ML) and other AI technologies — with amazing results.

Adobe is empowering the automation trend by making the digital asset manager “smart” with advanced ML, efficient with automation at scale, and easy with asset management available across Adobe Experience Cloud. Even new team members can be up and running on day one.

Watch the Summit session with Adam Crane and Leticia Rossi, digital asset management experts at Dell as they discuss their company’s journey of personalization at scale by making their global enterprise future-ready with metadata — thanks to Adobe Experience Manager Assets. Learn how they empowered teams to dynamically personalize emails targeted to individual users, and how Dell has realized tremendous return on investment since implementation.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites innovations for omnichannel delivery

Content is the soul of any experience, yet front-end developers have typically been alienated from accessing the actual content. The new innovations in Experience Manager Sites radically changes that scenario. Replay the Adobe Experience Manager Sites: Top Innovations session to learn more about new features that help marketers and developers come together to bring digital experiences to any digital channel.

Then join Paul Bucalo, director of campaign and creative strategy at Walmart, to see how Walmart built one of the largest Intranets, and uses personalization to improve the employee experience, as well as empower personnel in store, power chatbots, omnichannel and headless mobile applications, enterprise integrations and more.

Finally, get behind the scenes and discover how we at Adobe use Adobe Experience Manager to deliver content to Creative Cloud apps via a headless content management system, at massive scale.

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Mastering digital forms for multichannel engagement
Want to leverage AI and ML to accelerate time to value? Some companies have gained more than 300 percent ROI when boosting enrollment using Adobe Experience Manager Forms’ advanced automation.
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Summit sessions for developers to further accelerate your Adobe Experience Manager efforts

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