Adobe releases custom brushes in Photoshop on iPad and new presets in Adobe Camera Raw

Photo of a ballerina on a Photoshop on iPad screen.

Today we bring amazing new custom content to Photoshop on iPad and Adobe Camera Raw, making your unique creative possibilities with Photoshop, the iPad and the Apple Pencil better than ever before. Here are the details:

Photoshop on iPad

Custom brushes
Now you can use all the same brushes you love in Photoshop desktop with your Apple Pencil and Photoshop on iPad. You can find and download hundreds of brushes under the [+] icon in the brush panel. You can also go directly to from your iPad browser, download any of the ABR files we offer there, load them into your brush panel within the app and get started.

Art by Temi Coker, using Kyle Webster’s brushes within Photoshop on iPad. Temi’s work has been used across Adobe to highlight our Diverse Voices initiative.

There are now so many ways to create and use unique brushes in Photoshop on iPad, including custom brushes created by top artists like Kyle Webster. Here are just a few examples.

Kyle Webster’s Brushes
Kyle Webster’s brush packs are all available on for Creative Cloud subscribers. These packs are updated every season and offer hundreds of brushes covering watercolors, manga, lettering, and other unique effects.

Create your own original brushes
Create your own brushes using the Adobe Capture app.


Small improvements with big impact
We always like to include improvements that might seem small, but that have a big impact on common and important workflows. Here are two:

Adobe Camera Raw

Today we release 70 new presets in Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Lightroom, custom created for Adobe by a diverse group of extraordinary, renowned photographers.

Presets are a great, one-click way to elevate your photo with a unique look, but presets are only as good as the people who make them. These new presets are meticulously crafted by incredibly talented photographers. The initial set of presets includes seven preset packs, each containing 10 to 15 high quality presets. Best of all, we’ll continue to expand the collection in future releases.

The preset categories include portrait, travel, cinematic, future and vintage. For more information about the presets and the photographers behind them, check out this blog post by Ben Warde on the Lightroom team.

Post your work on social and tag #photoshop. We’d love to see what you create with the new custom brushes and presets!

Thank you

As always, thank you to all our incredible customers around the world who use Photoshop to make the world a more beautiful place. You are always our inspiration.

We are thinking about our friends worldwide, including all the dedicated people on the global Adobe Photoshop team who are like family to us and continue to be impacted by Covid. Please stay safe and healthy.

Download Photoshop on desktop and Photoshop on iPad and Adobe Capture.