Experience Maker Awards: Changemaker and Illuminator finalists demonstrate the power of purpose

2021 Adobe Experience Maker Awards Finalists.
The Changemaker.

Digital experiences can have real impact: A video will inspire someone to donate blood, and a well-designed website can help displaced workers more easily receive financial aid. The Adobe customers selected as the 2021 Adobe Experience Maker Awards’ Changemaker and Illuminator finalists demonstrate how they use technology to build better experiences to help create a better world.

The Changemaker

The Changemaker award highlights Adobe customers who have revolutionized their digital experiences to drive social or environmental impact. Each of this year’s finalists have delivered breakthrough experiences to help their communities.

The Illuminator

The Illuminator award celebrates Adobe customers who lit a path forward through unexpected and unprecedented circumstances. With every aspect of public life impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Illuminator finalists were able to quickly adapt during crisis to continue to serve communities and help individuals during unprecedented circumstances.

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