Adobe to champion voices of young people for International Youth Day

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By Adobe Communications Team

Posted on 07-29-2021

While many of us faced adversity and suffered setback in some shape or form during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s perhaps young people who have been hit hardest by the effects of global lockdowns and its subsequent societal and economic restrictions.

Education went online, social lives became almost non-existent, and young people lost much of the creative freedom and flexibility they desperately need to grow, develop, and express themselves.

However, the resilience of young people also shone through. From social and environmental activism, to community and charity work, to fighting against online bullying and hate, young people truly demonstrated the essential role they can play in creating a more diverse, inclusive, and collective future.

Inspiring global change for a brighter future

To coincide with International Youth Day, a UN initiative, on 12th August — Adobe has teamed up with a two of its UK ambassadors — David Fadd and Derin Adetosoye — to creatively celebrate the voices, actions, and initiatives of young people around the world.

With a range of Adobe apps at their fingertips — including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Illustrator — David and Derin will each share unique artworks dedicated to body positivity and inclusion in the creative industries, to inspire their young and aspiring social followers.

They will post their creations on their social channels using the tags #AdobeInsider, along with #InternationalYouthDay. Be sure to check out how they bring their inspiring vision to life.

Creativity, the great enabler… ‘Creativity for All’

At Adobe, we firmly believe that creativity belongs to everyone. It’s something that everyone is born with, and our unshakeable passion is to empower as many people as possible to creatively express themselves, regardless of age, background, or level of experience.

For young people, creativity represents the perfect medium to voice feelings and opinions in a safe space, and we can’t wait to enjoy the work and creations of our artists and the young creatives they inspire.

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