Does pineapple belong on pizza? Settle the debate with Adobe Sign

Illustration of pizza slices and the words "The Signature Ingredient".

Nothing brings people together quite like pizza, especially as more people return to the office and dine in groups. But are all pizzas created equal? How about a pineapple pie? Adobe surveyed 3,000 people to see how this sweet — yet polarizing — ingredient stacks up when it comes time to order-in at the office.

Pineapple pizza: Yay or nay?

The long-held debate around pineapple on pizza has gripped many at the dining table and the water cooler. It may seem surprising to some, but almost half (44 percent) of U.S. adults actually enjoy the topping, with 73 percent of people open to pineapple flavor combinations outside of the traditional Hawaiian-style toppings. For lovers of the sweet and salty combination, pineapple-friendly pairings that topped the chart were bacon and pineapple, pepperoni and pineapple, and sausage and pineapple. Different regions have different preferences too, with pineapple on pizza being most popular in the Rocky Mountains area and the West Coast.

On the other hand, 41 percent of U.S. adults say they really dislike pineapple pizza. We even asked Hawaiians where they stand on the matter, and more than one-third said it was a no-go for them. And when it comes down to the pineapple debate, each generation certainly has their own take: Gen Z (50 percent), Baby Boomers (43 percent), and adults ages 76+ (52 percent) are more likely to dislike the topping compared to Gen X (35 percent) and Millennials (37 percent).

So why are so many people opposed to this signature fruity ingredient? For 54 percent of U.S. adults, it’s an issue of not liking warm pineapple. For 51 percent of Gen Z and 42 percent of Millennials, the texture simply does not work. And, for a particularly picky 10 percent of American adults, liking pineapple on pizza is a relationship dealbreaker.

Pineapple pizza: Are you in or out?

Needless to say, when it comes to the workplace, people are also conflicted about pineapple pizza’s place at the conference table. We haven’t met many at Adobe who would turn down a free slice, but 34 precent of pizza eaters we surveyed would choose to skip a free work-provided meal altogether if pineapple was the topping of choice. Still, we’re all human: when it comes down to the last slice in the box, most people (53 percent) at the office would devour it. It’s (free) pizza after all.

We want to know how you stack up on the pineapple pie chart. Are you for or against pineapple on your pizza? Share your preference here using Adobe Sign and you could win free pizza (pineapple or not) FOR A YEAR.*

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