How people and purpose have shaped Adelina’s career

Adelina in her home office in front of her computer.

Fifteen years ago, Adelina was passionate about chemistry and aspired to become a doctor or a scientist. But, after attending a computer science high school, she got an internship at a technology company, and that’s when realized she wanted to become a different kind of scientist—a data scientist. After her internship, she expanded her work experience at a few other tech companies before she found herself at Adobe Romania, where she’s now a software engineer on the Adobe Audience Manager team.

“Before joining Adobe, my responsibility was to design the implementation, write and test code, and deliver that code to another team that maintained the production environment. Now, my role includes not only these parts but also the deployment to production and the maintenance of all the features included in our pipeline. Having this kind of responsibility—from design to launch—is really important to me, and a big reason why I joined Adobe. I’m involved in projects with great impact on a huge number of people around the world. That’s an opportunity that can’t be found just anywhere.”

Along with the opportunity to work on different projects, it’s the people that have also impressed Adelina. “What I enjoy most about Adobe is that I’m surrounded by incredibly smart people who are always ready to help me grow. My colleagues not only have great technical skills, but also impressive human qualities—we all trust each other, which fosters an environment where we can collaborate more closely.”

This mix of impactful projects and supportive teammates have allowed Adelina to grow her skills. But not only that, development programs have also equipped her with a roadmap to navigate her career for the future. One such opportunity has been the Women’s Executive Shadow Program. Every year, Adobe organizes the Women’s Executive Shadowing Program, where employees get the opportunity to be paired with and learn directly from executives. Through Adelina’s shadow day, she was able to attend several team meetings and learn more about the inner workings of being an executive.

“I got to see how an executive manages a team to be productive and self-sustainable, how to build trust in work relationships, and how other organizations solve challenges. I’m now taking part in a mentoring program where a mentor from Adobe is guiding me on how to reach and exceed my career goals by having a proactive attitude in everything I do. Adobe has continually invested in my career, which really reaffirms why I chose to join this company to begin with.”