Become a Character Anime-tor. New free anime-style puppets.

Anime characters.

Image Background Source: Adobe Stock.

Anime has a long history in entertainment and is more popular than ever. The 1960s introduced shows like Astro Boy and Gigantor. The 1970s brought Star Blazers and Battle of the Planets. Robotech came in the 1980s along with My Neighbor Totoro and Akira. And many fondly remember the 1990s with Dragon Ball Z.

Anime has such a strong fanbase that it also finds its way into many different art forms. Over the years, numerous rap artists have paid homage to Dragon Ball Z or its characters in their work. The genre is linked to all kinds of music, video games, and films. Anime genres include horror, romance, mecha, history, comedy, fantasy, and holiday. So, whether you are a fan of Sailor Moon, Pokémon, or you can’t wait for the next episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, there is something in anime for everyone. And now you too can be a Character Anime-tor. Meet and download Taro and Aiko, currently available in the beta version of Character Animator.

Taro and Aiko are two new free example puppets. These anime-style puppets are full body characters using body tracking (currently in Beta) on the upper torso, so when you move your hands, they move theirs. The puppets include Triggers for other hand movements. Both puppets also include Limb IK and Dragger for moving their arms. Additionally, they have Physics which helps their hair to move as their head moves. Taro also includes the Walk behavior. Simply use your left and right arrows to start walking.

You can introduce them to an anime world of spiky-haired magicians, sci-fi robots, and post-apocalyptic chaos. Combine them with Puppetbot or the MegaRobot style in the beta version of Puppet Maker. Use the Randomize button in Puppet Maker to create an army of wild robots. You will also find two more anime-style puppets in the Character Animator Home screen: Rin and Sebastian. Add some cool backgrounds from Adobe Stock and you’re all set for creating your own anime show.