Using the power of creativity for vaccine education

Black and white image of high school students smiling and walking outside. Colorful graphics stand out in contrast.

Image by Joana Toro and Lilian Darmono.

At Adobe, our mission has always been to empower people to change the world. We know that creativity has the power to make that change possible. Creativity is what brings us together and unites us. It is a powerful way for people to speak out, to show support, and to create change.

Today more than ever, access to healthcare information is critical. We’re tapping into the power of creativity, collaborating with the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative to bring the COVID-19 Vaccine Education initiative to life. Adobe has partnered with four diverse artists through the Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund to create artwork to reach and connect with parents, encouraging them to visit The artwork by photographers Joana Toro, Amy Sacka, Alexis Hunley and illustrator Lilian Darmono aims to inspire parents to ask questions, learn more, and make an informed choice about vaccination for their kids.

Meet the artists

Alexis Hunley, a photographer from Los Angeles, shared what being part of the campaign means to her: “I was ecstatic to learn that two of my favorite organizations were joining forces to develop creative tools provide information about the COVID-19 vaccine. Knowing that my work could aid in supporting vaccine education efforts brings me so much joy.”

Joana Toro, a photographer based in New York, said “To be an active part of the solution to the coronavirus crisis and using photography as a tool of action is very important to me as a citizen and a creative.”

Adobe’s support for the “It’s Up To You” campaign builds on our commitment to Creativity for All through our Diverse Voices program, elevating underrepresented artists and their work to create change in the world in big and small ways. As a creativity leader, we’re demonstrating how the power of creativity through our community can further support the Ad Council’s important efforts. Adobe is a Founding Partner of the Ad Council, and COVID Collaborative’s COVID-19 Vaccine Education initiative and has been a proud partner and supporter of the Ad Council’s national campaigns since 2012.

To learn more about the ways we’re coming together with the community and empowering diverse voices to create change, check out:

Visit to get the latest information about COVID-19 vaccines.

Last year, in response to the extensive need in the creative community for monetary support and career guidance, we decided to establish the Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund. The Community Fund supports creators of visual digital work. We offer grants of US$500-US$5,000 for Adobe project commissions. Learn more about the Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund here.