Keep branding consistent and make remote teamwork easier with Creative Cloud for teams

Colorful illustration of an online brand library.

With its comprehensive and high-quality collection of apps, Creative Cloud for teams comes with all the tools you need to empower your team’s creativity, accelerate productivity, and drive brand consistency.

The platform specifically shines in the way it facilitates collaboration and enhances teamwork. In addition to all the 20+ Creative Cloud apps that are available as part of your plan, Creative Cloud for teams also offers exclusive access to integrated tools and services made just for teams to share, work together, and organize your creative work in an efficient and smarter way.

Established collaboration features include the ability to share links to your cloud documents with anyone, enabling reviewers to comment right on the web. You can also invite collaborators to edit your cloud documents, which can be accessed across devices — desktop, mobile, or tablet — so you and your team members and stakeholders can review wherever, whenever you want.

Here’s what’s new:

Better asset sharing with team libraries

Screenshot of Creative Cloud Libraries.

You can now ensure brand consistency and make remote teamwork easier than ever with team libraries, a new functionality we’ve added to Creative Cloud Libraries.

When you create a “team” library, it’s immediately available to everyone in your organization, even if a stakeholder works in a different tool such as PowerPoint or Google Workspace. You can choose to give your whole team read-only access to the library (which is perfect for a corporate style guide) and grant edit access to specific individuals or named groups within the team.

Scree shot of how to create a new library.

Team libraries automatically sync your business design elements across the entire team’s Creative Cloud apps, ensuring everyone always has easy access to the same, most up-to-date design elements. These libraries are also housed in Adobe cloud storage (1TB per license, pooled across your team) and are owned by your business.

Rewind anytime with 180-day version history

With Creative Cloud for teams you are now also able to review and restore earlier versions of cloud documents and Creative Cloud files for up to 180 days (while users of Creative Cloud for individuals only get a 60-day version history).

Mark key versions to always keep them handy, maintain brand consistency, and collaborate efficiently without sacrificing creative control. Share your cloud documents with partners and stakeholders for input and feedback, and easily track, label, and revert to previous versions if necessary.

Screen shot of a layout.

Keep control, keep consistent

Creative Cloud for teams ensures everyone in your organization is on the same page and has easy access to their creative files, wherever they’re working from and whatever device they’re using — desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Remote or hybrid workflows are the new reality for many teams, and the Creative Cloud for teams enhancements enable you to efficiently maintain creative control and consistency, share design elements with other team members and stakeholders, and rest easy knowing that all assets stay within the company.

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