Work with PDF files right in your browser

Adobe Acrobat for Google Chrome

Opening a new application on your computer or searching for a web app for PDF editing can be a hassle, especially when you’re in a hurry. And the native default PDF viewer in your web browser has limited functionality, allowing you only to view or download PDF files.

But the Adobe Acrobat extension for Google Chrome, allows you to effortlessly comment on, mark up, fill in, and sign PDFs, and more — all right from your browser window.

Get the Acrobat Chrome extension

Download the Acrobat extension for free to unlock the power of PDF tools in Chrome where you need them most and go beyond simply viewing and downloading. You’ll save time and energy by filling out, signing, and marking up your documents quickly, without skipping a beat or switching applications.

Already have the Acrobat Chrome PDF viewer downloaded? Open Chrome and follow these simple steps to enable your extension and set it as your default PDF viewer in your browser’s content settings.

Intuitive online PDF tools for everyone

When you are viewing a PDF online, sometimes you need to sign it digitally, add a comment, and send it back. If you’re not already an Adobe Acrobat user, you can open PDFs and view them with your internet browser’s native PDF reader — but you can’t do other important tasks.

To solve this issue, install the Acrobat extension and use the world’s most trusted PDF solution to edit the document right in your browser. No matter what types of PDFs you work with, the Acrobat extension has tools to make life easier.

  1. Business and financial documents — Comment on annual reports, white papers, spreadsheets, brochures, and marketing materials
  2. Educational documents — Adjust text documents, school assignments, presentations, eBooks, and lesson plans
  3. Small business documents — Review and mark up menus, catalogs, newsletters, business plans, lookbooks, and invitations
  4. Personal documents — Fill out and sign itineraries, medical forms, and service agreements

Adobe Acrobat for Google Chrome

Try these Acrobat tools for free

The Acrobat extension for Chrome will allow you to open PDF files, download or print them, add comments, and fill and sign them for free — no subscription necessary.

Add comments, markups, or highlights

Whether you’re a student taking notes on lecture slides or a teacher giving feedback on an assignment, adding comments, markups, drawings, text, and highlights to PDF documents is quick and easy with the Acrobat extension.

Fill out fields and add an e-signature

From purchase agreements and waivers to employment contracts and lease agreements, Chrome users can easily fill out the form fields in a PDF and add an e-signature without leaving the browser.

Adobe Acrobat for Google Chrome

Access more features with a free trial

With a free 7-day trial or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC subscription, you can do even more with your Acrobat Chrome extension.

Convert a PDF to a Microsoft Word doc

It’s time-consuming and messy to copy and paste content from a PDF into a new document. Instead, use the Acrobat extension as a document converter, transforming a PDF into a Microsoft Word doc right in the browser without losing formatting.

Convert web pages to PDFs

See something on the web that you would like to turn into a PDF? You can convert web pages into PDF files by clicking the Acrobat icon on your Chrome toolbar. Acrobat preserves the layout, formatting, and links of captured pages.

Rotate, delete, or reorder PDF pages

Trying to read a PDF brochure or menu online and it’s showing up sideways? Rotate it in an instant with your Acrobat extension. Want to change the order of pages on a PDF document or delete a page before you send it to your coworker? Do it in a few clicks in your Chrome browser window.

Amp up your productivity

Whether it’s for work, school, or personal use, the Acrobat extension for Chrome installed in your browser allow you to get more done — faster. Level up your ability to download, adjust, and perfect your PDFs without slowing down your workflow, and make an impact on your work moving forward.