Unleashing limitless creativity: See the world differently with immersive tech

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From the rise of colour film negatives in the 1950s to the jaw-dropping digital animation we see today, artists have long embraced new technologies to push the boundaries of their craft.

We’re living in a golden age for creativity, where an explosion of devices, apps and new media platforms have democratised creative tools and made every single person on the planet a creator.

Just take a look at TikTok, where 83 percent of the platform’s billion-plus users have created and shared a video since joining.

For visual artist Najihah Najlaa, it’s technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) that are making the creative process more efficient and accessible for everyone.

“For me, the AI built into design tools has helped enhance my work and improved my workflows,” she explains.

Based in Malaysia, Najihah works as a freelance photographer and videographer and — as an Adobe Certified Expert and Trainer — knows her way around digital tools.

Artwork by Najihah Najlaa: Digital render saying Nuclear

Artwork by Najihah Najlaa

“I’m always delighted when a new, AI powered tool or feature presents itself and turns out to become something more intuitive than I ever imagined. It’s really something that gets my creative juices flowing.”

However, AI only scratches the surface of the boundary-pushing technologies making waves in creative communities across the world.

Let’s take a look at some you can start exploring.

Dimensions of possibility

In Singapore, the team at creative studio BÜRO UFHO have been experimenting with 3D design and augmented reality (AR) to impressive effect.

Co-founder JUN Teo points to an AR experience he created for Adobe MAX attendees in 2020.

The project allowed users to open an app and see an AR installation in their natural surroundings. JUN describes the installation as ‘an emblem of tethered hope, using the act of releasing air balloons as a cathartic symbol to spread our blessings, prayers and wishes.’

“At BÜRO UFHO, we’ve progressed from 2D to 3D animations which are far more immersive than a static image. We love the possibility of creating virtual worlds that we’re able to animate inside,” says JUN.

“Personally, I believe the act of pushing boundaries can be more of an art than the work itself.”

This giant AR installation JUN and his team created for Singapore Art Week shows BÜRO UFHO’s 3D and augmented reality capabilities continue to evolve.

While all this might sound like the type of activity best left to professionals, Najihah says other creatives — or even budding creatives — shouldn’t be discouraged.

“Not everyone comes from a creative industry, but we all want to experiment with these new technologies,” she explains.

“Every single project that you work on is always going to give you a different kind of challenge. With 3D design, once you’re familiar with the tools and the interface, it’s very easy to navigate.”

New frontiers in creativity

One thing creative boundary-pushers have in common is they’re always asking: ‘What’s next?’

JUN says advancements in computer processing power will open up new possibilities for creatives to explore.

“Real-time rendering, such as the example demonstrated by Kejyun Wu is going to change how people create and consume digital art,” says JUN.

“Now what used to be an image can be animated and controlled in real-time. It feels like playing an immersive game on PlayStation. It’s exciting for me to explore the possibilities this brings.”

At Adobe, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to share their creativity, and we want to break down any barriers that stand in the way of doing so.

Creative potential is something we all can realise.

As JUN says, “Time is our most important resource for research and creative development. The only requirement is time.”

Interested to learn more? Join JUN Teo and Najihah Najlaa at Adobe MAX, a global virtual experience exploring creativity in all its forms. Register for free today and stream the event from 26-28 October.