Adobe Analytics dashboards wins Best New Technology at 2021 DAA Quantie Awards

Adobe Analytics on cell phones.

We are honored to be recognized as the winner for Best New Technology for our Experience Cloud mobile app, Adobe Analytics dashboards at the 2021 Digital Analytics Association Quantie Awards. Adobe Analytics dashboards gives executives and decision makers seamless access to the data they need to run their business, anytime, anywhere, so they can make data-informed decisions in the moments that matter.

The April release of Adobe Analytics dashboards mobile app added support for Customer Journey Analytics, delivering actionable analytics in an easy to consume form, helping executives make data-informed decisions.

This version of Adobe Analytics dashboards leverages Adobe Experience Platform to surface data from every channel of your customer journey into a single interface. This allows for real-time, omnichannel analysis and visualization, allowing brands to make better decisions with a holistic view of the business and the context behind every customer action. With Adobe Analytics dashboards mobile app for Customer Journey Analytics, analysts can curate analysis for executives and business users, allowing them to function as “citizen analysts,” quickly and easily pulling insights, while answering deeper questions in the moments they need them.

The latest October 2021 release added new visualizations: donut, horizontal bar, and multi-line charts.

HR Block cruises tax season with the Dashboards mobile app

For example, HR Block Adobe Champions, Sarah Owen and Gretchen Muir, wanted to provide executives with an easy method for accessing current business metrics whenever they need them. Prior to tax season, Owen and Muirdrove the adoption of the Adobe Analytics dashboards within the executive leadership team. Not long after, the Adobe Champions were noticing that the mobile app provided greater data democratization across the organization because of the convenience. Now, an even greater number of decisions are being influenced using data.

Throughout the hectic tax months, executives had real-time access to important metrics on their phone. It was critical to always understand how online registrations, sales, and office appointments were pacing toward goals, even at night and over weekends. H&R Block hit their goals this past tax season by having a pulse on the business with Adobe Analytics in their pocket.

Why we built this

According to a study by Deloitte, 67 percent of senior managers or higher do not feel comfortable accessing data from their tools. However, as customer experience becomes a priority for multiple teams throughout an organization, businesses need everyone, especially executives, to be more data informed. And it is important that these dashboards do not just include the traditional digital-only KPIs, which lack key insights and metrics on the customer journey. With Customer Journey analytics, business executives have access to multi-channel data.

To address the business imperative to be data-driven, most organizations hire digital analysts to collect, prepare and analyze data, and produce reports for stakeholders with key insights. Those reports are either delivered as PDF files in business users’ inboxes or static dashboards that are often difficult to access and require the user to download the raw data to dig deeper. Our customers told us this process falls short for a variety of reasons, but none of the solutions readily available seemed to understand two things: 1) that it is rare for the analyst to know every question anyone may want to ask of the data when they create reports; and 2) that you cannot assume that everyone who might try to self-serve their insights has access to and/or is capable of using analytics tools.

Adobe Analytics dashboards makes it easy for untrained users via a simple app on their phone, to access the curated views created by analysts and ask and find answers to their own questions, and because it is plugged directly into the data at the source, it is always up to date.

Adobe Analytics dashboards is giving executives a cross-channel view of the customer and access to key metrics from multiple data sources in an executive-ready view for the first time. With a comprehensive cross-channel view of the customer, executives can leverage insights gleaned from Analytics dashboards to adapt quickly to customer needs, address issues as they arise or evolve business strategies in real-time.

Thanks to Jeff Allen and Sandor Jones for their contributions to this article, and to Eric Matisoff for his presentation at the awards and the team behind Adobe Analytics dashboards.