New Tools within Photoshop Express

Woman makes self portrait on smartphone view of screen in spring.

Image Source: Adobe Stock / rohappy.

We’re excited to announce that Photoshop Express, our all-in-one mobile photo editing app is expanding our toolkit with features for both Mix and Retouch workflows.

Earlier this summer we launched Retouch on iOS for tools specifically designed for face & selfie retouching. This popular workflow leverages Adobe Sensei AI technology to recognize and edit faces in your images. In addition to skin smoothing, content aware healing, face aware liquify and other tools, we are developing a Makeup toolkit, with the first editing option: Lips!

Feature: Lips

This first edit in the Makeup toolkit provides extensive options for lip color. There is a refinement tool with control points to ensure a perfect fit. If you change your selection after refinement, the new option will be mapped to your precise selection.

Makeup: Lips in action

Feature: Detecting/Selecting Objects

There’s more to Mix on iOS! Using the Smart cut tool, we now can automatically detect the edges of different objects that are part of your original image. You can select two or more objects to cut and place in your new image. If needed, there is an optional brush to make additional refinements in a few taps on your phone.

Detecting/Selecting Objects in action

Mobile creativity

The technology on our mobile devices is making it easier to create the unique images that you want to share. We are excited to bring you tools that are fun as well as simple to use. If you don’t already have the app, download Photoshop Express for free and see how effortless it is to express yourself. For more inspiration, check us out on Instagram @photoshopexpress.