Project Aspen sneak peek: Boosting creative velocity

Project Aspen

At Adobe MAX 2021, our yearly celebration of creativity and creatives around the world, Adobe shared a sneak peek of Project Aspen. Project Aspen is a collection of six new automation services for digital imaging (plus one for print), which allow you to handle common design tasks and challenges with new, easy-to-use workflows. Now you can make quick work of certain more tedious tasks that previously ate up your day, so you have more time to do what you do best — be creative!

Check out these six videos, featuring Adobe Senior Creative Cloud Evangelist Paul Trani, as he gives these intuitive new workflows a spin.

Replace Smart Object Layers

Using the Replace Smart Object task in Photoshop, you can easily change out selected Smart Object layers with other files that you provide. 3 min video.

What you will learn:

Photoshop Data Merge

With Photoshop Data Merge, you can create multiple variations from one Photoshop file by replacing the text and imagery with content from a data file. 4 min video.

What you will learn:

Auto Crop

Whether you’re doing a few or 100s of images, let Adobe Sensei identify your subjects and select the best options for framing — saving you hours of time. 3 min video.

What you will learn:

Remove Background

Removing image backgrounds in batches of images is easy when you have= AI generating the masks. 3 min video.

What you will learn:

Lightroom Apply Presets

Apply auto tone or upload your own presets and apply them to a batch of images. 2 min video.

What you will learn:

Convert Files

Creating multiple variations of images from one Photoshop file is possible! Now you can replace the text and imagery with content from a .CSV data file or Google Sheets. 2 min video.

What you will learn:

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Note: You will be asked to sign the NDA to participate in the Beta program.

Use Case: Using Data Merge to Create Social Media Assets

To see more of Project Aspen in action, check out this infographic showing a simple workflow for using Project Aspen Photoshop Data Merge. Here, Codify Design details how they created social media posts featuring speakers at this iconic conference — fast.

Artwork design for the Russell Brown Reunion Workshop, celebrating 37 years of inspirational design. Codify Design Studio created and developed the website, and Glitschka Studios designed the logo.

The challenge: A big ask with mind-blowing deadlines

The grand victory finalé of 37 years of inspirational design, the Russell Brown Reunion Workshop brings together graphic designers, art directors, photographers, and creative directors from around the world as they seek fresh, inventive ways to use the latest Adobe applications.

Here were the must-haves:

The solution: Project Aspen to the rescue

What feature saved the day? Project Aspen Data Merge! It was used to operationalize the process and create consistency in the designs.

The results: Killer social media, no sweat!

Project Aspen Data Merge makes it possible to accomplish remarkable feats in design, without losing your mind doing repetitive tasks. These are exactly the results we had. With Project Aspen Data Merge, we were able to make 100 unique variations of assets from one Photoshop file in about an hour. And so can you, so try it for yourself and sign up for Project Aspen today.