Exploring marketing in the financial services world

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Navigating the challenges that arise when producing marketing content in a highly regulated environment is something that financial services marketers know all too well. They include the sign-off process, adhering to legal and compliance guidelines, regulatory requirements, providing substantiation, maintaining a comprehensive audit trail and regulatory requirements. And then there’s producing engaging campaigns with all the associated elements while also getting them to market on time.

Improving efficiency and optimising processes continues to be a top priority. Operating and campaign costs need to be reduced while maintaining compliance, delivering better brand experiences and providing seamless collaboration — all while producing personalised content at scale. Fortunately, technology has now caught up, and solutions exist to drive this forward and carve a new simplified and automation process.

Adobe Workfront empowers financial organisations to optimize organizational efficiency, streamline compliance, and deliver superior customer experiences.

It’s a centralised solution for managing, creating and executing marketing campaigns while adhering to legislative and compliance requirements, improves collaboration amongst teams and increases efficiencies. The right solution should provide clear tracking at every stage of the process — eliminating guesswork and highlighting existing and potential blockers. The result is that your teams will be able to define clear priorities, implement accurate planning processes and, most importantly, gain valuable time back.

In this digital age, our expectations are high. We have become used to the right message at the right time and now demand this from all our service providers. Delivering this in a highly regulated environment requires speed, agility, and the right tools to streamline the process.

Food for thought, isn’t it? We’ve brought together industry experts to discuss the world of financial services marketing in a series of podcasts. Have a listen as we share our views on the challenges and discuss how to solve them.

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