Digital transformation in government: Forrester study reveals the future is bright

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The pandemic caused a major shift in the way we live and work. For government agencies, traditional ways of conducting business face-to-face — and going through a myriad of paper-based processes — was no longer an option. In the wake of this shift, many agencies that previously did not have the time, budget, or know-how to modernize their document workflows began jumping in feet first to rapidly adjust.

In a new Adobe-commissioned Forrester Consulting study, “Building From a Strong Foundation: It’s Time for Digital Government”, 160 government decision-makers were asked a series of questions to determine if now is the time for digital government? The answer: a resounding yes.

Before the pandemic, 46 percent said their agency was not prepared to enable government e-services. Today, it’s a whole new story.

For a sneak peek at the study, here are some key findings on the government’s progress with digital transformation and the future outlook:

  1. Modernizing citizen service delivery

Stopping by an agency’s local office isn’t typically how citizens receive services anymore. Government agencies are working hard to address citizens’ needs for healthcare, housing, grants, employment assistance, and other aid to reflect the relatively recent shift to virtual interactions. In fact, according to Forrester’s findings, a large percentage of government decision-makers said that digitizing processes enabled them to maintain their agency’s ability to serve citizens during the lockdowns. As a result, agencies also said they plan to continue improving the digital experience.

  1. Prioritizing employee experience

The study confirmed how difficult it is for agency employees to serve the public if they don’t feel supported by their organization. Which is why employee engagement is a top priority for so many government agencies. Digitizing processes is essential to creating more effective and productive employee engagement — inevitably leading to better overall citizen satisfaction.

  1. Meeting sustainability goals

Government agencies — like so many other businesses — recognize that embracing sustainable best practices is very important. One of the goals agencies are working toward in the next year is improving their impact on the environment. However, according to the study, less than half of the respondents have reduced their carbon footprint by moving toward a more paperless government. Meeting sustainability goals are certainly top-of-mind, yet there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

So, what’s the forecast for fully embracing digitalization? It is a bright one, according to the survey, with a majority of decision-makers looking to continue on the track of digital transformation.

The digital momentum continues, and it’s exciting to see what is ahead!

Download the Forrester Consulting Study to view all of the results from the survey, including how agencies have experienced increases in productivity, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, sustainability, and more.

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About the survey

Adobe commissioned Forrester Consulting in August 2021 to survey 160 decision-makers at U.S. federal, state, and local government agencies to evaluate the current operations of digital transformation and the adoption of digital document processes. Areas evaluated included the present state of digital transformation and agency operations, online citizen engagement, and overall digital government.