Daisy Rendall on learning as you go, applying a geology degree to marketing, and coming back to Adobe after a job switch

Adobe employee Daisy Rendall smiling in her home office.

Daisy Rendall joined Adobe’s UK sales team right out of school in 2015, and then, after a couple years apart, she later returned to Adobe again in 2021.

“One of the reasons I wanted to be part of Adobe the first time was the brand,” Daisy remembers. “I knew Adobe products from doing creative work in college—but I didn’t know Adobe did more than creative tools. So, I learned all of it on the job, and I’m really glad I did.”

Her work at Adobe also turned out to have a delightfully unexpected connection to her studies. “For my geology degree, I was focused on satellites, data, and statistics. As I learned about marketing, I realized that I already knew how to understand data and prove hypotheses. Things I learned in geology ended up matching the things I enjoy doing at Adobe.”

From cold calls to deep customer relationships

Daisy’s first role found her working early in the sales cycle, making cold calls and getting to know the products. She started with a focus on retail customers. “I was already a consumer, so it was easy to learn Adobe’s proposition and use cases for retail customers. It was a great place to start.”

A promotion to enterprise account executive moved Daisy into financial services, and further along the sales cycle. She now works directly with clients on their digital transformations—which includes everything from enabling digital enrollment so financial institutions can provide more transactions online, to helping companies get the tools and strategies they need to use data effectively.

“A big part of it is empowering companies to use what they already have—which is buckets and buckets of data—to be better at personalization, and to be able to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to segment customers so they can communicate with them better,” says Daisy.

Top reasons to come back to Adobe

Four years into her time at Adobe, Daisy headed out for another opportunity. Then in 2021, a little less than two years later, she came back for the people and the culture.

“There’s such a culture of teamwork at Adobe,” says Daisy. “It isn’t that one person owns a project. We are an account team, so people are willing to do everything they can—within the normal bounds of work-life balance. We believe that nothing is too hard, nothing is out of reach.”

Adobe’s products—and the relationships they help her build with customers—are another reason she’s back. “Adobe’s product set is so broad. Especially within the digital experience space, there are so many reasons a piece of Adobe technology is worth consideration. This means I’m a partner with my customers—I get to be in the room for broader conversations about digital transformation. I missed that.”

Advice for people just getting started

As Daisy will tell you, you can launch a successful career at Adobe without knowing everything about the products or how to do sales and marketing within a particular industry. The key is to be curious and honest about your starting place.

Once you join, take every chance to learn and grow. “It’s all teachable, and Adobe is so on it when it comes to enablement,” says Daisy. “If you’re ever falling behind, if you don’t understand a proposition or product, there are so many ways that can be solved and taught. That all comes when you join Adobe.”