Creating Australia’s future ready graduates through RMIT’s Adobe Creative Campus partnership

birds eye view of five students studying around a round table.

For many years, creativity in education has been a core way to motivate students, help them become more engaged in their work, and drive them to acquire the skills they need to accomplish tasks.

Furthermore, skills in creativity are becoming increasingly important in the future of work. Regardless of career, digital literacy and creative storytelling will continue to not only be necessary but expected from employers.

In Australia’s digital-first economy, it’s imperative that students are armed with the creative digital skills required to succeed in today’s workforce.

RMIT and Adobe Creative Campus partnership

We’re excited to announce that RMIT has become the second University in Australia to be named an Adobe Creative Campus, offering individual subscriptions to our Creative Cloud and promoting digital literacy skills and digital innovation to all students and teachers alike.

RMIT is a global university of technology, design, and enterprise, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. With more than 96,000 students and 9,000 staff globally, RMIT's mission is to help shape the world through research, innovation, quality teaching and engagement.

RMIT university, including logo

RMIT headquarters, Melbourne, Australia

The subscriptions enable the students and teachers unlimited access to our Creative Cloud desktop applications, mobile applications, web services and resources across all the devices they use. Also, providing them with the ability to engage effectively in the era of remote learning.

The Adobe Creative Campus program spotlights leading universities and educational institutes from across the globe that recognise the value of digital literacy and creativity in higher education

Our partnership with RMIT will help equip students and staff with in-demand digital and creative skills needed for new jobs and sectors and highlights RMIT’s commitment to digital literacy skills required to succeed in today’s competitive workforce. It also supports students and staff to harness and apply digital innovation regardless of their circumstances, location or area of study.

Our evolving partnership with RMIT emphasises our mutual commitment to digital literacy and educational digital transformation. Digital literacy is a fundamental skill that has never been more critical in Australia.

Fostering in-demand skills to develop future-ready students

Creating a future-ready workforce has always been a priority for higher education bodies in Australia, and those not fostering digital and creative skills in today’s landscape may inevitably fall behind.

Digital literacy and fluency are quickly becoming core competencies for employment for businesses looking to push boundaries and grow beyond the norm. It has become standard for businesses to expect new graduates to come to the workforce fluent in digital literacy skills and creative storytelling. Access to Adobe Creative Cloud resources and having the chance to hone their creative and digital skills significantly benefits students’ employability.

Investing in digital literacy, access, and equity for all students will yield major returns for the Australian economy as our next generation of graduates come into the workforce fully prepared with no downtime.

We’re excited to see students prepared to thrive in a changing world with digital literacy and creative skills to equip them for whatever opportunities they are working on, whether it be for a career or a passion project. Having a wide range of future-ready skills will always aid in their success.