Atlantic Records speeds up design workflows with Adobe XD

Image of Noa Kirel.

The music industry, in particular the way fans engage with digital content, is rapidly evolving. As an artist’s online presence is diversifying into numerous platforms and channels, the demands on designers creating campaign assets have drastically increased. Whereas they once may have been responsible for artist websites and banner ads, designers now need to create an ever-growing amount of promotional materials — splash pages, AR lenses for music videos, social media posts, ecommerce campaigns, etc. — and they need to create them quickly to ensure digital assets are consistent and match an artist’s aesthetic.

With this new world of artist marketing comes many new opportunities to engage with audiences, along with new design challenges. To stay on top of it all, influential U.S. record label Atlantic Records has turned to Adobe XD to create a more efficient workflow, resulting in better results for artists and designers alike.

Atlantic Records’ experience for Noa Kirel, built with the help of the Anima Plugin for Adobe XD.

The challenge: Tight deadlines with big communication needs

Director of interactive design Dana Tandoi, a part of Atlantic Records’ creative services team, is regularly faced with tight deadlines, and one of the biggest challenges is the ability to quickly communicate a campaign’s creative elements.

The solution: Rapid prototyping and seamless development handoffs

Atlantic Records’ interactive design team started using Adobe XD together with the Anima plugin to create high-fidelity prototypes for websites, apps, and landing pages, allowing them to easily communicate concepts to stakeholders and developers.

The results: Smoother stakeholder signoffs and quicker time-to-market

The designers can now add interactive elements to the prototypes that they were previously unable to be communicated in static comps.

The ROI: Higher efficiency, less frustration, and more time for creativity

The collaborative design workflow has led to significant time savings in the fast-paced environment, freeing the designers up to be more creative.

In the future, designers in the music industry will need to create even more content for different types of campaigns that make up an artist’s online presence. Being able to execute these varied design tasks quickly while ensuring consistency is absolutely essential. Atlantic Records’ new daily workflow, made possible by using Adobe XD, achieves just that.