Behold the bold — announcing the 2022 Adobe Experience Maker Awards

Behold the Bold.

Bring your breakthroughs to the big stage

At Adobe, we know that boldness and ingenuity lead to game-changing digital experiences that transform your business and how customers engage with your brand. And this year’s Experience Maker Awards provide you with the chance to showcase your successes to your peers and other industry leaders worldwide.

The Adobe Experience Maker Awards recognize individuals, companies, and teams creating the most innovative and impactful customer experiences using Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

We are excited to invite you to share details about your breakthrough digital transformations in one or more of this year's 16 categories, including 13 global award categories and 3 regional award categories. The Collaborator category, which is new this year, celebrates transformations in work management that create high-performing cultures and tremendous value to all stakeholders.

We believe that diversity is about valuing unique life experiences and welcome applicants from all perspectives and backgrounds to apply from March 1 – April 15. We will select three finalists per category in May and reveal the winners in June.

Global award categories

These 13 award categories recognize the best of the best Experience Makers around the world who set the stage for others to follow.

The Advocate: This award recognizes a company that has overcome a significant customer experience challenge by embracing a customer-first approach to digital transformation and elevating their customer experience to new heights.

The Ambassador: This award recognizes an individual who has gone above and beyond to share their expertise and thought leadership and has demonstrated a willingness to help their peers and colleagues succeed in their customer experience and work management transformation initiatives.

The Analyzer: This award recognizes a company that has mastered the art and science of data-driven decision-making to create optimized customer journeys and drive significant business impact based on leveraging real-time insights.

The Architect: This award recognizes a company that has unified their content and marketing strategy to streamline the digital customer journey — delivering personalized, relevant content to the right audience at the right time — to achieve measurable impact and lift business results.

The Changemaker: This award recognizes a company or individual that has innovated to engage customers and create experiences that drive quantifiable impact promoting social or environmental good.

The Collaborator: The award recognizes a company that demonstrates the ability to plan, execute, measure, and optimize work management to create a high-performing culture and deliver exceptional value for all stakeholders.

The Disruptor: This award recognizes a company that has transformed the commerce experience for B2C and B2B customers by driving growth across multiple sales channels, brands, and geographies.

The Engager: This award recognizes a company that has transformed how pipeline is created. They’ve done this by engaging and nurturing customers through every stage of the customer journey to drive measurable growth in concert with sales.

The Illuminator: This award recognizes a company, individual, or team that has shown great resilience, rising above unprecedented circumstances and finding ways to turn challenging situations into inspiring and exceptional customer experiences.

The Magnifier: This award recognizes a company that has harnessed the power of multiple solutions to maximize delivery of exceptional customer experiences and drive measurable business impact.

The Maverick: This award recognizes a company or individual pushing the boundaries of innovation in customer experience, work management, marketing, advertising, or commerce through bold, out-of-the-box thinking.

The Orchestrator: This award recognizes a company that has aligned customer journeys across multiple channels, geographies, or platforms to deliver the most cohesive customer experience through an innovative advertising or marketing campaign or commerce initiative.

The Transformer: This award recognizes a company that has driven innovation across people, processes, and technology to achieve game-changing customer experience and work management transformation, leading to significant improvements in business results.

Regional award categories

These 3 categories recognize bold Experience Makers delivering exceptional experiences within each of the following regions: Americas, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

The Experience Maker Executive of the Year: This award recognizes a visionary leader who has driven digital transformation across their organization and delivered advances in customer experience to achieve significant business impact.

The Experience Maker Team of the Year: This award recognizes a team or cross-functional team that has worked collaboratively to overcome organizational obstacles and deliver exceptional customer experiences and business impact leveraging innovative approaches to execute their marketing, commerce, or advertising strategies.

The Experience Maker of the Year: This award recognizes an individual who has applied their knowledge of best practices and expertise in marketing, advertising, or commerce to create exceptional customer experiences and deliver significant business impact for their team and company.

Be bold. Apply for the 2022 Adobe Experience Maker Awards from March 1–April 22.

It is time to bring your breakthroughs to the big stage and prove you are among the best of the boldest by applying at To learn more, visit our FAQ page or reach out with any questions here. For inspiration, check out last year’s winners here.