Signet Jewelers, home to KAY, Zales and Jared, taps Adobe to help drive personalization

Laptop open to the Jared website.

Shopping for jewelry is a deeply personal experience. The shimmer of a diamond engagement ring caught in the light, the memory of a loved one sparked by pearl earrings hanging on their display — these are the moments that make the experience of buying jewelry as precious as the jewels themselves.

They are also incredibly difficult experiences to recreate online, which is precisely what Signet Jewelers is delivering with its ambitious digital transformation. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at Signet, who is better known by their consumer banners, KAY, Zales, Jared and other leading jewelry brands, embarked on a singular mission — to become a true omnichannel retailer and deliver personalized customer experiences tailored to today’s digital world.

Anchoring Signet’s transformation is a unified approach to customer data, fueled by Adobe Experience Platform. This new technology backbone has positioned Signet to build seamless integrations between its online and in-store channels and deliver one-to-one personalization for customers across its ten banners, which the company now refers to as Connected Commerce.

Signet has also rolled out enhanced digital services for online and mobile shoppers, including virtual appointment bookings, an online bridal configurator, and a real-time view of its local store inventory.

Signet & Adobe: shining together

Powered by Adobe Experience Platform, Signet has gained Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (RTCDP) allowing it to unify and activate customer information as soon as it is gathered, a key consideration when delivering one-to-one personalization in real-time. The group previously stored its data across more than 40 different systems, resulting in siloes that made it impossible to support personalization at scale.

As shoppers engage on different touch points, from browsing a website to curbside pickup, different signals help the brand understand where customers may be getting frustrated. It also helps the brand identify new opportunities to make specific experiences more engaging and relevant. In addition to personalizing these initial journeys, Adobe Experience Platform aims to help Signet improve customer retention with relevant retargeting based on each customer’s history across its banners.

Adobe Experience Platform also powers Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, providing Signet with a complete view of each shopper’s journey, from their interactions with its front-end experiences to historical data in the group’s back-end systems. Crucially, the solution will allow Signet to directly measure the impact of its omnichannel marketing on its sales performance and customer success.

Finally, Adobe Journey Optimizer will allow Signet to activate personalized messaging for every customer. As the group continues to roll-out new virtual services across its banners, such as online consultations and visual search for shoppers navigating its websites, personalized messaging is essential to delivering this high standard of service at scale while achieving personalization at the individual level.

“We are innovating and enhancing our customer experience at near real-time speed and we’re doing it at each step of the customer journey so that we’re there for them wherever, whenever and however they choose to engage with us. Adobe Experience Platform is helping us do that.” says Rebecca Wooters, chief digital officer at Signet Jewelers. “We’re already looking ahead to what’s next, including the use of AI to support next-best decision-making and enrich our Connected Commerce experience even further.”