Adobe’s continuing efforts to support Ukraine

The unjustified invasion of Ukraine and the resulting humanitarian crisis is horrifying and heartbreaking. As a company, we believe that we have a civic and moral responsibility to support democracy and humanity and we’re committed to doing our part.

Adobe’s products and services

Effective March 4th, 2022 we decided to halt all new sales of Adobe products and services in Russia and have since expanded that decision to include Belarus. In addition, we are terminating access to Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud to Russian government-controlled media outlets. We will continue to comply with the government sanctions being imposed by the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom to ensure Adobe’s products and services are not being used by prohibited entities.

Aiding humanitarian efforts and journalists in the region

Together with the Adobe Foundation, Adobe’s employee matching grants program and our customer matching program from Adobe Summit, we’ve given nearly $2.5 million to aid humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine and support journalists on the ground. This has supported organizations such as International Rescue CommitteeReporters Without BordersSave the Children, Committee to Protect Journalists, American Red Cross, and the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC).

Supporting our customers and community in Ukraine

We have instituted a 90-day billing waiver for Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud customers in Ukraine. We are also featuring artwork from Ukrainian artists on our Adobe Stock homepage to raise visibility for their collections and support their work.

In early 2020, we founded the Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund to support the needs of the creative community during the height of the COVID-19 crisis. We’ll now be focusing our Community Fund efforts on providing monetary support to creators who have been directly impacted by the crisis in Ukraine. Select creators will receive US$10,000 to support themselves and their families during this time of conflict. For more information about the new Community Fund and how to apply, visit here.

Providing job opportunities

For Ukrainians displaced in the European Union (EU), Adobe is offering employment opportunities with our team in Romania. Adobe Romania is the largest Adobe Research & Development Center in EMEA and we are hiring for roles in areas such as software engineering, consulting, design and sales operations. Through these roles, individuals can receive a 12-month fixed term contract with Adobe, relocation assistance and health and wellbeing benefits.

Our hearts and minds remain with the people of Ukraine. We will continue to look for opportunities to use Adobe resources and platforms to help make a difference.